Team USA Brings Home The Gordon Trophy Cup

Photography by Frank Nagy Photography

The Gordon Trophy History

During WWII, after making it off the beaches of Normandy, allied troops consisting of Americans and Canadians were talking of home and the things they missed, one of which was playing tennis. These soldiers made a pact that if they survived the war, they would get together and play. After the war was over, they kept their promise, playing not only for themselves, but for those who did not return and were unable to play. In 1949, The Gordon Trophy was donated and an annual competition between the United States and Canada began. Each year, this prestigious event is played alternately in the United States and Canada with players continuing to play with the greatest of sportsmanship for their country and those who no longer play.

The Gordon Trophy is the second longest International Tennis Team Competition, second only to the Davis Cup. There are roughly 25 players selected to play for their country, whether it be the United States or Canada.

The Gordon Trophy 2016

The 2016 competition took place July 8-9, and for the fourth time since its inauguration, the Granite Club in Toronto, Canada was honored to host. The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch’s Director of Tennis Glenn Barton was selected to join the United States team. Glenn won his singles match and won one of two doubles matches to help the United States to a 29 to 21 match victory over Canada on her own soil.

For 2017, The Gordon Trophy will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cordillera Ranch takes an early start in wishing Glenn and Team USA all the best towards another victory!

Glenn Barton is the Director of Tennis for Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at

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