Taste! 2018 Left Tusque Cabernet Sauvignon

A truly beautiful color, the fragrance of violets, black currants and a touch of cedar and spice pleasantly fill the air when first poured. The smell follows through on the palate with elegant, balanced flavors extending deliciously through the mid palate finishing with a mouth-watering savoriness. This is a wine of structure and depth. Chalky tannins integrate nicely as the wine sits in the glass.

Our Cordillera Ranch introduction to this wine was at a Bubbles & Big Reds holiday show a few years ago. However, due to the juggling around of distribution, it has resurfaced. I had the pleasure to taste this wine recently and it was a eureka moment. The wine is so delicious and easy to drink. This isn’t a wine of huge power, but nevertheless, a wine of refined elegance. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also made a great contact and learned more about Sanglier Cellars — a winery filled with Texans. Zach Campbell, Director of Wine Sales and partial owner, told me of his start and the greatness of their farming practices, which are shared with many big-name wineries in the Sonoma and Napa areas, by none other than their farmer and winemaker, Glenn Alexander. 

I was so excited after the tasting that I even called Zachary back to see how soon he could come to the Club to share the stories and especially the wines. So, keep checking your e-mails because I put this in the “it will happen sooner than later category!”

Now to pair this beautiful wine, I think back to just last night. Chef Isaac and the culinary team wowed our wine dinner with the first course of Pink Pepper Crusted Elk Carpaccio. It was accompanied with a soft Gorgonzola-Quinoa, scallion crema and finished with a Black Garlic aioli and Giuseppe Modena Reduction. Albeit a great pairing, let’s find something a little easier to prepare for us home chefs. I happen to love lamb chops so I will walk you through this. Start by trying to purchase some Colorado Lamb Rib Chops. Buy the whole rack. These will have a lot larger eye than the New Zealand chops that are normally sold. Ask the butcher to French the chops, which will make it a lot easier to enjoy and prepare. First, rub them down with a good whole-grain mustard. Make some herbed breadcrumbs and don’t be skimpy on the herbs. This will accentuate the mid palate of your wine and make it a harmonious union. Cover the chops with the breadcrumbs and place in a preheated 350-degree oven. Please avoid putting it into a cool oven! Then bake to your preferred liking. As the breadcrumbs start to brown, a drizzle of oil can be added to crisp up the crust. Let rest for a duration before serving. The easiest way to carve the rack is to flip the rack upside down and cut through the bones. For a more savory meal, serve with garlic mashed potatoes and your favorite vegetable. For a Keto-friendly version, roast some vegetables and enjoy. If you prefer Mint Jelly on your chops, have a double portion!

That is it for now! See you at the Club!

Jeffrey Cohen is the Wine Specialist at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at jcohen@cordilleraranch.com.

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