Sweet-Sweet Dreams

Isaac Cantu, Executive Cher

It is always hard to express the sad feelings that come from losing a person that you care about. In late December, The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch lost one of our true culinary talents,  Yliana Cadena, who passed away unexpectedly and too soon.  Yliana was a member of the Culinary Pastry team. She was a passionate Cake Artist with a very vast knowledge of different skills and techniques that were utilized to elevate events, private parties or even simple days.

“Yliana does a great job, taking pride in her work. She has been very helpful with all of the Lodges displays. We are lucky to have her on the team.”
– Brianna Botine, Communications Director and Lodging Concierge

“We loved her cakes and cookies so much! She did such an amazing job on them for all our kids.”
– Kelly, Cordillera Ranch member

“I was having an off day and Yliana brightened my spirit by making me a muffin! It was so kind and thoughtful of her!”
– Kelsey Grudle, Recreation Coordinator

Yliana joined the Cordillera Ranch Culinary team in July, the summer of 2018. She quickly made an impact with her passion for creating custom cakes for many different occasions that members had. Not only did Yliana bake cakes, she also helped create and execute amazing desserts as well. A humble servant to her craft, Yliana, along with other members of the pastry team, was committed to creating fresh, seasonal “from scratch” desserts for the Club’s dessert menu. 

There are many things that come to mind when thinking of the wonderful individual that Yliana was. “Kitchen Mom” and “Chef Mom” are at the top of the list with the Culinary Team. Perfectionist, Student, Teacher, Great Listener and Great Friend are also often mentioned when thinking of Yliana. Her enormous passion for creating show-stopping cakes got her on the main stage of the Food Network. Watching her attack the challenges on TV was like watching her accepting the challenges that her day-to-day work brought to her in our kitchen. She never backed down, she always pushed and she always rose to the top.

The Cordillera Ranch Culinary team, along with many others, will miss Yliana Cadena. We will miss her bright smile, her love for culinary gadgets, her stories of her husband and “fur babies” and her true passion for brightening peoples’ lives with her sweet-sweet creations. Thank you, Yliana.

Until the next Kitchen!

Isaac Cantu is the Executive Chef at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at icantu@cordilleraranch.com.

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