Summer Fun and Beyond in Fitness at Cordillera Ranch

Tamra Christiansen, Fitness and Wellness Director

The summer is a wonderful time to be fit and we have been preparing for that vacation-fit body. Our fitness trainers and instructors have enjoyed helping you get ready for your vacation goals. Classes have been busy and full of great energy: your dedication is both appreciated and noticed!

Let’s talk about when you get back from vacation. What’s next? Our trainers and instructors are here for your short-term and your life-long goals. Events such as weddings and vacations are exciting to work toward, but you are worth the work just because you’re Y-O-U.  

I know many of you enjoy golf and tennis, and the heat is on! Members are also out on the road cycling, running and doing triathlons. Make sure you are adequately hydrated! Always drink eight-16 ounces of water before, during and after an hour exercise bout. Wear sunscreen and protective gear out there.  These sports are done in the heat of the day, so find a way to cool off gradually.   

This summer, we have exciting classes for all levels. Venture out and find a new class! Aqua Fit is great for all levels but is also perfect as a refreshing recovery class. Kathy Miller provides you with a fun and challenging class and has a playlist to boost your mood. If you see Aqua Fit Beach Party, be ready for double instructor fun and a great workout! This class will be offered until September.

Be on the lookout for SUP Paddleboard Fitness classes. These classes are on Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP) and will help you achieve a stronger core and get a total body workout. We are on the boards as well as in the water and finish with an on-the-board yoga cool down. You have heard me mention that trying new things boosts your self-esteem, and the other reason: why the heck not? (I know, I know, I am so Texan!)

Learn how to use the cables if you have been doing machines for a while. Working out with cables allows you to work your body in a more functional nature. They give you just enough support to help with form, yet a lean into working with free weights. Our trainers are happy to show you how to try something out of your usual box so that you may see positive changes in your body.  

Easing into the fall season might be a good time to change your workout routine and eating habits. Many do intermittent fasting, which is an easy way to lessen how long you are eating each day. This style of eating gives our bodies time to heal, it lowers blood pressure and reduces insulin resistance. Several approaches are: 16:8 (16 hours fasting, eight hours feeding) or a more extreme 5:2 method, where you fast two non-consecutive days and eat the other five. 

Focusing on seasonal foods keeps us eating whole foods. Summer has hydrating watermelon, which is low in calories and high in taste. August starts a whole array of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables such as avocado, bell peppers, beets, apples, blackberries and cherries. Eating fresh foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants is the way to get us back on track.  

August 29 will be the start of our next Fall Into Fitness 12-Week Challenge. This challenge will be filled with bonus class opportunities, mini-challenges and prizes! It ends right before Thanksgiving, so you will be ahead of the holidays and feeling good about it! Our professional staff always looks forward to guiding you on your path to wellness.

 Tamra Christiansen is the Fitness and Wellness Director at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. She can be reached at 830.336.9184 and

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