Summer Camp Adventures at Cordillera Ranch

By Shane Reynolds  ::  Photography by Kelsey Grudle

Summer is well underway, but it’s not too late to enroll your kids in a variety of camp sessions.

The best summer day camps in the Hill Country are at Cordillera Ranch! Our day camps offer something for every child based on their age and what activities they are interested in. From art to horses, golf and tennis, to our specialty camps like Harry Potter camp, Science camp and Outdoor Pursuits camp, our primary goal is for kids to learn about and enjoy the activities available at The Club. Campers also get to enjoy many of the outdoor amenities, including Swede Creek, the Guadalupe River and the Equestrian Center. We offer high quality instruction and supervision in a fun atmosphere. Instead of watching movies or sitting in front of a computer screen, kids are tromping through the creek, playing games and learning to identify insects and plant species.

Our camps run through August 19, just before the kids go back to school. Most camps are half day with a few full-day camps for the older kids. For those kids who are “too old” for camp, we offer a “Counselor-in-Training” or a “Wrangler-in-Training” program at the Tennis Center or the Equestrian Center.

When our campers get home at the end of the day, they’ll be dirty, hungry and tired from a full day of activity. Camp participation has a lot of benefits, including staying physically active, socializing and learning new skills, but when it comes down to it, camp is just plain fun.

Visit our website at for more information or email with any questions. 

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