Star Student: Kyle Kelly




Texas A&M University



Industrial Distribution (Dwight Look College of Engineering)

Minor: Business Administration



Student Body President – Student Government Association

Corps of Cadets, Squadron 17

Ross Volunteer Company (honor guard for the Governor of Texas)

Brotherhood of Christian Aggies

Maroon Coat- Texas A&M Foundation

Class Agent – Association of Former Students

Buck Weirus Spirit Award

Top First Year in sales (#1 of 1700) – Southwestern Advantage



I began at Texas A&M with the goal to make the most of my time in college. I wanted to give all that I could and therefore gain all that I could from the experience. I became very involved in my major, the Corps of Cadets and other organizations. My junior year I served as Executive Vice President of the student body. This past fall, I ran for Student Body President on the Aggie Experience. Our slogan was Stand with Kyle representing the A&M 12th Man. A quote that characterized our campaign from the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library is, “Let future generations understand the burden and the blessings of freedom. Let them say we stood where duty required us to stand.” My campaign team was a group of A&Ms best. We stood for Integrity, Servant Leadership, and the Aggie Experience. The campaign was not about me, it was about the student body and the University. Our message was if we held student’s vision and values then our campaign was a way for them to promote good at A&M.



My goal as Student Body President is to fulfill the SGA mission… “to enrich the quality of student life.” Or to better the already great Aggie Experience by keeping the Spirit, guarding Tradition and improving our campus.  My responsibility is to represent students, lead the Student Government Association, and impact individuals on a personal basis. The part of A&Ms purpose is to develop leaders of character, and this is also my personal mission. I want to preserve and promote the Spirit, Tradition, and Core Values that make A&M great. I ran on a way of working together by representing students, having a good relationship in SGA, and having rapport with the administration. We want work on big and small issues. An example of a big issue would be working to improve the admissions process. A small change would be getting more TV channels other than only MTV in the Memorial Student Center. Texas A&M has a great history and future from being the first public institution of higher education in Texas to now being one of the biggest in the country. This is an important time in the history of A&M marked by change and growth. Having served as Vice President last year I hope to bring experience and consistency through the change.



I love this country, state and am proud to be from Boerne, TX. Similar to the United States, and Texas, Boerne is exceptionally blessed by God. There are few places with the quality of people, living, and landscape as Boerne. My family and I were some of the first to live in Cordillera Ranch. It is a fantastic community and I can’t imagine a better place to grow up. “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required…” I have been given the greatest of family, friends, community, school, and church. I am tremendously thankful to many who have had a great effect on my life. I went to Bracken Christian School until my junior year when I moved to Champion H.S. My family has attended First Baptist Church Boerne for nearly my entire life. Without these institutions and the individuals a part of them I would be an entirely different man. I hope to even give partial justice to the greatness of our community. I am humbled by the thought of those who have invested in me and am challenged to live to serve others.



When asked about what I want to do after graduation I always respond, “I don’t know, I’m trying to create options and not make decisions.” This is a convenient canned answer and will only work so long. I plan on being an entrepreneur, going into Christian ministry, or serving in the military. The past two summers I have worked for Southwestern Advantage, a Nashville based company founded in 1855. It is one of the oldest internships in America that started after the Civil War and put men to work selling Bibles door to door. Today we share a learning system with families. I am in Oxford, MS knocking on doors working 80+ hours a week. It’s a great and challenging opportunity to grow personally and impact a county. Right now I’m focused on doing everything with excellence and passion then relying on my faith in God for the future.

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