Deserae Busselman

Cordillera Ranch
Realty Sales & Marketing Assistant  


Karnes City, Texas

How did you become employed at Cordillera Ranch? 

I had just graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with my BBA in management, eager to start a new career. My mother-in-law told me about an opportunity that opened up in Cordillera Ranch where she thought I could gain the experience I was seeking. I immediately applied, interviewed and the rest is history.

What past work history prepared you for your position? 

I have taken many real estate and marketing classes in college but haven’t had the opportunity to gain much experience. I received most of my business experience working for major logistics companies like FedEx Ground and Forward Air Solutions. I am looking forward to learning and developing more experience during my time here at Cordillera Ranch.  

What do you like most about working at Cordillera Ranch? 

I love the ranch environment, the community and the breathtaking view right from my desk! My colleagues and I all work together in perfect harmony. The entire real estate team is committed to providing the best customer service possible and helping others discover all of the incredible qualities that Cordillera Ranch has to offer. The way Cordillera Ranch has treated me during this COVID-19 pandemic is astonishing. They genuinely care and have gone the extra mile to ease my uncertainty. Cordillera Ranch checks all of the boxes. There really is no other place like it, and there is no other team that I would rather be a part of!

What has been your most rewarding professional experience? 

Being given the opportunity to work for Cordillera Ranch is my greatest reward. My father sold real estate here when I was a young girl and he has always believed in the mission of Cordillera Ranch. My grandfather was an executive officer for the Greater San Antonio Homebuilders Association and had a passion for the history and development of Cordillera Ranch. It is such a privilege to now be a part of it all. Real estate is in my blood and I am excited to see where this path takes me.

What has been your greatest professional challenge? 

Being a millennial in today’s workforce can be a challenge. The word millennial comes with a few negative connotations that I initially get labeled as. I don’t necessarily disagree with the overall depiction of my generation. However, I am not society’s stereotypical millennial. 

What or who has been your greatest inspiration, personally or professionally? 

My mother. She has battled various health issues since I was 15 years old but that has NEVER stopped her from being an influential teacher, amazing mother, loving wife and ultimately my best friend. I am who I am because of her strength and dedication.   

What are your hobbies and interests? 

Spending time with family is my main priority. My favorite time of the year is during football season and hunting season. I also enjoy staying active by working out at the gym and walking my fur babies. 

Favorite quote or motto? 

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

    – Neale Donald Walsch

Anything that would surprise others about yourself? 

In 2009, I broke my high school’s track record in the 4×200 relay and the 4×100 relay. 

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