Brandi Wright

Assistant Manager,
Cordillera Ranch Property Owners Association


Helotes, Texas

How did you choose your occupation/career?

I was looking for a change in my career and had met with a San Antonio real estate broker. The day I was prepared to sign up to get my real estate license, I got a call from a Boerne home builder with a job offer and that’s where I got my start with home building and construction.  

How did you become employed at Cordillera Ranch?

In 2005, the builder I was working for was slowly closing their doors and I applied for the accounting position with DH Investments. After discussing my experience with home building, David Hill realized I could benefit Pasadera Builders as well. I worked for both companies and loved the ability to wear many hats. In October of this year I was promoted to assistant manager with the Property Owners Association. I am excited to see where this position takes me and the challenges up ahead.

What past work history prepared you for Cordillera Ranch?

I’ve worked in accounting since I was 16 when I started working for my family’s auto repair business. Then went on to work in the pharmaceutical and restaurant industries working in accounting, payroll and human resources. What most prepared me was working for a home builder, having an interest in real estate and development, and a drive to do the best I can. 

What makes your colleagues an asset to Cordillera Ranch?  

Without a team, nothing can be achieved. You can be as great and professional as you want but without these lifelong relationships and impressive colleagues, my job wouldn’t be what it is. I work with the hardest working and dedicated people around.

What has been your most rewarding professional experience?

Working for DH Investments and Pasadera Builders for the past 14 years has challenged me and helped me grow in so many ways. Being a part of the growth of Cordillera Ranch has been rewarding.

What has been your greatest professional challenge?

My greatest professional challenge has always been balancing being a mom and giving as much as I can to my career. I’ve always said I need two of me. Now that my children are grown, I am able to focus more on my career and doing more for Cordillera Ranch than I could have before.  I now have the ability to make the Property Owners Association better than it ever has been before. I believe my knowledge of this company over the years will help me succeed in my new role.

What do you like most about working at Cordillera Ranch?

The people. It’s always been the people I work with, past and present. I’ve been here for 14 years and have made a lot of friendships along the way. Also working in the Texas Hill Country makes coming to work every day better. I have to stop sometimes during my busy day and appreciate the beauty around me with a view that goes on for miles.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Horses have always been my passion. I have been riding since I was about 4-years- old and did some horse showmanship as a young girl. I also like to go hunting and fishing with my husband Tom and our kids. And of course, trips to local wineries and shopping with friends.

Favorite quote or Motto?

Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.

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