David Baker

Men’s Grill Manager


Monticello, Minnesota

How did you become employed at Cordillera Ranch?

I heard about the opportunity at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch in the midst of working in yet another blistering Minnesota winter. After several interviews and a brief visit to the property, I knew immediately this establishment would be a perfect fit, both professionally and personally. 

What past work history prepared you for The Clubs?

I must say that most of my past work history has all been in or around this industry. I have been working at several Top 100 Golf Clubs for about ten years now. Always being the jack-of-all-trades type of guy, I was utilized by many different departments to ensure customer service stayed at the highest level. It gave me a more well-rounded knowledge of how to thrive in the golf club environment — to keep members smiling with not only consistency but spontaneity as well.

What makes your colleagues an asset to The Clubs? 

This might be the easiest question to answer. I say that because each and every single day since I’ve been here, I see what lacked at the previous clubs I worked at. Plain and simple. We care about our members’ overall experiences. The team leaders here are second to none. When you see us walking around these halls with a smile on our faces, that isn’t fake. 

What has been your most rewarding professional experience?

There are many to choose from but the one that keeps my confidence up is simply and truly getting to know the members. The little details that normally go unnoticed and underappreciated are what drive me to make their experience better. It’s all about the little things. Stop by and get to know me!

What has been your greatest professional challenge?

This is a tough one. I guess it’s been a lot of moving around the country and being away from my family — my nieces and nephew are growing up so fast. Plus, developing long-standing friendships and then not being around. Time sure does fly.

What do you like most about working at Cordillera Ranch?

That can be summed up in three categories. The people. The food. The weather. No more shoveling snow or scraping windshields for me! I couldn’t be more excited about that.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I’m quite the sports nerd both statistically and historically. I did play collegiate baseball and I will admit that was my first love as a child. My love for the game of golf actually derived from its etiquette, not just hitting greens and fairways. But that all started after I hung up my cleats for the last time. 

Favorite quote or motto?

I live by a lot of clichés to be honest, but there is one quote that still rings in my ear every, single day. A complete stranger took a common negatively connotative adage and turned it into a positive statement. As I was talking with him about my future plans he said, “Hey kid. Don’t quit your day-dream.” Not day-job. A simple turn of phrase from a stranger still has me inspired to this day.

Anything that would surprise others about yourself?

The fact that at a restaurant I’ll never order the same thing twice. Even if it doesn’t work out and the food is terrible, I’m happy with my decision. Variety is the spice of life! Also, most people don’t know that I’m part of a growing business with my brother-in-law making artistically unique and playable baseball bats. 

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