Mark Risner

General Manager for the POA
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas


Family Members:

Wife – Heather (retired military and now a special education teacher at Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary)

Six kids total – Five daughters and one son. Logann 6, Saige and Sierra 16, Taryn 20, Morgan 23 and Michael 31.

How did you come to be employed at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch?

I was relocating back to Texas from Denver and put my resume out on several job search websites. My background and experience caught the attention of the management here and everything fell into place. I had already purchased a home in Boerne and was in the process of moving back so the timing was great.

How did you choose your occupation?

Since I couldn’t play second base for the Astros, I started out in apartment management and found it was a nice fit for me. I’m a people person, and I like to problem solve and wear a lot of different hats in my job. This lends itself well to POA management.

What has been your most rewarding professional experience?

I have been fortunate to work for several companies that supported the Food Bank of Colorado. Sitting on the committees for the annual charity drive and heading up mobilized teams that volunteered their time and energy was very rewarding. It helps keep things in perspective when you think about what we can do when you pool your resources and focus your efforts.

What has been your greatest professional challenge?

There have been a few over the years. Running my own management company early on in my career involved me in every aspect of the business. Learning accounting, marketing, office management and doing all the board meetings was like being thrown into the deep end of the pool. I had to learn how to swim quickly. It taught me to appreciate all the things other people go through in their individual jobs.

What do you like most about working at Cordillera Ranch?

The best part of working here is being surrounded with great people. The staff and management group have all been gracious and welcoming since I’ve been here. The fact that people stick around so many years is a testament to the culture at Cordillera Ranch. It makes it fun to come to work every day.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I took up golf when I was in my early twenties and have been hooked ever since. Also, I’m a San Antonio native so I have been a diehard Spurs fan since the George Gervin days. Go Spurs Go!

Favorite quote or motto?

That’s an easy one. “Life is short, eat dessert first.”

Anything that would surprise others about yourself?

I was a competitive tournament pool player in my younger years.

Most meaningful personal experience?

One of my passions is health and fitness. While I was working as a full-time property manager, I decided to get certified as a Personal Trainer. For several years up until I moved back to Texas, I moonlighted as a fitness trainer, helping people reach their fitness goals.


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