Sports Fields and Park Reservations

Kevin Koether, POA General Manager

Some of the greatest amenities that Cordillera Ranch has to offer are parks and outdoor recreation with connecting trail systems that include access to the Guadalupe River and spring-fed creeks on the Ranch.

Cordillera Ranch has multiple athletic fields set up for various sports such as baseball, softball, soccer and football, and waterfront parks equipped for camping. All Cordillera Ranch property owners and Club members may reserve these amenities through the POA office.

The Cordillera Trace Pavilion Park, located between Indian Bluff and Park Ridge, has a diamond with a backstop that can be utilized for baseball, softball or kickball. The park also contains soccer goals and is large enough to host football practice. A covered pavilion with picnic tables can be reserved for events such as birthday parties, luncheons, family gatherings or any other outdoor event. The park also has a restroom, fireplace, BBQ pit and a volleyball net, plus access to the fantastic trail systems. A paved parking lot is located directly off Cordillera Trace and, if needed, overflow parking is available with entry from Park Ridge.

The Cordillera Springs Sports Park also contains a baseball/softball diamond with a backstop, two adjustable basketball goals located in the parking lot and soccer goals in a soccer/football field and, like the Cordillera Trace Pavilion Park, is often home to football, basketball and baseball practices. The Springs Sports Park connects directly to the trail system as well. 

Swede Creek Park and the Guadalupe River Park have five campsites, each equipped with a picnic table, BBQ pit and trash can. The Club’s Outfitter Center offers a full line of camping gear to rent and a full-service campsite setup and strike service for residents.

Cordillera Ranch is proud to say that our athletic fields are utilized frequently, and with that we highly recommend reserving dates and times for your teams to practice.

Non-residents who are attending a practice at Cordillera Ranch must check-in with the Security Team if the reserving resident does not provide a directory code. 

Reservations do require a $100 refundable deposit, that must be delivered to the POA office to ensure your date(s) are held. If reserving multiple dates, the POA staff will hold the deposit check until after the final reservation date. The POA does try to maintain at least a twenty-minute buffer between reservation times as to allow for clean up of equipment and the fields. If you notice any damage or trash left on-site, please report it to the POA or the guardhouse prior to utilizing the facility. We are always happy to see our athletic fields being used as a community gathering place so please reach out to the POA office should you have any questions. To reserve any of these amenities please reach out to the POA office via email at or call our office at (830) 336-3501.

Kevin Koether is the POA General Manager at Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at and 830.336.3501.

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