Spa and Fitness at Cordillera Ranch

By Kelsey Grudle :: Photography by Kelsey Grudle

Spa-and-Fitness-Article-3-Final-0815This is a fast paced world we are living in — high stress environments full of countless hours at our jobs, commutes and the endless array of activities we all participate in. There is good news in all of this… things are easier on the Ranch! Members at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch enjoy the things that before would consume hours of their day but are now at their fingertips and convenient to the most important place in the world — home.

The Spa and Athletic Club provides amenities that will not only allow us to use our time more efficiently but also keep us healthy while building lasting relationships with our friends, neighbors and community.

The Clubs’ Spa and Fitness Center offers new and state-of-the-art Precor® cardio and strength equipment, personal training, Pilates, massage therapy, golf fitness training, facials, yoga, numerous group fitness options and a Kid’s Club. There is something for everyone.

From treadmills and ellipticals to bikes and a stepmill, your cardio needs are covered. There is also a variety of strength machines and free weights to suit the many styles of weight lifting. Personal Trainers are ready and willing to assist those who prefer a personalized workout developed to build strength while focusing on each client’s unique situations.

Group Exercise is offered within the fitness spectrum and is a great way to incorporate support, friendship and structure into your fitness routine. Classes range from yoga to mat Pilates to traditional aerobics, and you will be motivated to get the most from your workout while enjoying a fun, social atmosphere.

Pilates is a popular system of exercises that utilize various pieces of equipment to stretch, strengthen, balance and tone the body. The Club offers private lessons with a highly trained PMA certified Pilates instructor equipped with a Reformer (a spring loaded Pilates machine), Arcs (arch shaped equipment for back mobility), Tower and other equipment to create the full Pilates experience. Our trainer will work with you to assess your fitness goals, and exercise programs are tailored to each client’s specific needs whether the goal is to increase core strength or develop a more therapeutic program. Either way, Pilates is a great experience that builds strength, increases self awareness and a sense of well-being.

Pampering is conveniently located and hassle free on the Ranch. The Spa offers several massage therapists and many massage options including Therapeutic and Swedish to Reflexology and Hot Stone Massages. Relaxation and healing are the ultimate outcome. The Clubs’ esthetician enjoys enhancing the look and texture of facial skin as well as providing a sense of relaxation, peace and increased self-confidence.

A large challenge faced by many families is childcare. Finding a babysitter for those evenings you’d like to enjoy dinner with your significant other, a quick round of golf or a workout is easy on the Ranch. Kid’s Club is available not only as a means of childcare while you participate in the many activities available at The Club but also as a place of social interaction for your child. From games to books to arts and crafts, there is something for every child.

Men’s and Women’s locker rooms are available to unwind after a round of golf, a spa treatment or workout, or simply gather and spend time with friends. From shoe service, steam showers and food and beverage options, the Locker Room is the ultimate retreat.

Members and their guests are invited to experience all the Spa and Athletic Club has to offer and enjoy the many services, people and beautiful scenery that make Cordillera Ranch such a wonderful place to call home.


Kelsey Grudle is the Recreation Coordinator. She can be reached at


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