Shooting Sports at Cordillera Ranch

People often ask me what I enjoy about working at Cordillera Ranch in the outdoor recreation areas. My first response is always the wonderful members we have on the ranch, and one thing I most enjoy about our members is their conservative outlook and appreciation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The spectacular Texas Hill Country and premier location of Cordillera Ranch makes our Gun Club and Sporting Clays Course one of the most beautiful in Texas.

By Shane Reynolds

The Sporting Clays course includes a variety of shooting scenarios and target presentations, and offers instruction, practice or competition. The course is designed for either walking or cart use. In addition to the ten station Sporting Clays course, we have a wobble trap station with five shooting positions, a 5-stand, a handgun range, rifle range and 3-D archery range. Our Gun Club operates year-round. 

Teaching people about gun safety and how to shoot are both important aspects of what we provide at our Gun Club. We offer members and their guests opportunities to learn to shoot shotguns, provide personal safety classes using handguns, help people scope in rifles and offer the Texas License to Carry course. Protecting the environment is just as important to us as is safety, therefore, prior to designing and opening our Gun Club in 2007, we developed a comprehensive Environmental Stewardship and Management Plan. 

Our traditional 10-station Sporting Clays course launches targets in a variety of ways, approximating a different hunting scenario at each station. Shooters rotate through the ten different stations, and clays of varying sizes are used, approximating the different sizes of birds and targets found in hunting.  The course is a great training tool for shooters who enjoy wing shooting.  A trapper accompanies every squad of shooters that enters the Gun Club to ensure safety and appropriate operation of the traps for consistency of targets. The course features novice-friendly targets since the fun is in breaking targets, not missing them. For competition shoots, the traps are adjusted to separate the great from the good shooters. Our wobble trap, 5-stand and flush station consist of fun targets that spring out of the oscillating trap in a direction unknown to the shooter.

Cordillera Ranch maintains a network of local shooting instructors for beginning to advanced shooters. If you need instruction before beginning your next hunting trip, are interested in learning about advanced self-defense handgun techniques, or if you’d like to learn to shoot your rifle off shooting sticks, our friendly staff and instructors are here to help.

Shooting sports are also a fun and economical way to entertain a large group of shooters. We offer packages for our members and their guests that can be developed for shooting events that include instruction, a competition course, prizes, meals and beverages.  

For any questions about the Gun Club at Cordillera Ranch, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Shane Reynolds is the Outdoor Recreation Director at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at


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