Road Work Ahead

By Matt Haire  ::  Photography by Kelsey Grudle


An extensive road repair project is underway at Cordillera Ranch. Construction started on December 2, 2015, and marked the  beginning of a series of road repairs estimated to cost $1.3 million. Several areas throughout Cordillera Ranch will be included with the most substantial construction being the repairs and overlay of Cordillera Trace from Clubs Drive to Kruetzberg Road. Road closures will only take place during working hours with each area re-opened for traffic each evening. Two-way traffic will be maintained during working hours through the use of pilot cars and flaggers with radios, but this will create delays for any vehicles choosing to travel through the repair areas. Much of the work is temperature and weather dependent so schedules are subject to change, but preliminary dates are detailed below and instructions on how to avoid these areas are suggested.

Main Entrance at Hwy 46 

(Entrance Side, only)

The entrance side will be closed from Hwy 46 to the mail center beginning Wednesday, December 2 for five to seven days, weather and temperature dependent. Cars will enter and exit on the exit side following a pilot car with flaggers stationed at the mail center and on Hwy 46 to maintain two-way traffic. Traffic on Hwy 46 will need to be stopped and will create delays for vehicles traveling eastbound and westbound on Hwy 46. To minimize traffic delays and backup, it is recommended that residents and Club Members use the Rio Cordillera/FM 3351 gate or the Joe Klar Road gate to enter and exit the community. During working hours guard operations will move to the North Gate (2nd gate inside the main entrance on Cordillera Trace just below the Visitor’s Center) to provide access to visitors. The Rio Cordillera/FM 3351 gate will remain open during working hours to prevent large back-ups on FM 3351. Contractors have been encouraged to use the FM 3351 entrance. It is recommended that any visitors that do not need directions to residents’ homes enter this gate during this time.

Cordillera Trace between Park Ridge and Indian Bluff 

This section is tentatively scheduled to start the week of December 14 and will take approximately two to three weeks. This will involve closing one side of Cordillera Trace during working hours while two-way traffic is maintained on the other side through flaggers and a pilot car. It is imperative that vehicles travel slowly down the hill from the Visitor’s Center as they will need to come to a stop before the bottom of the hill. No more than a few minutes of wait time is expected but residents are advised to enter and exit through the Rio Cordillera/FM 3351 gate or the Joe Klar Road gate to minimize traffic back-up.

Cordillera Trace west of Clubs Drive to Kruetzberg Road

Work is slated to begin in January and continue through February and will involve two phases with repairs of a number of small patches followed by a complete overlay of asphalt. This phase will be done as weather permits and in small sections so delays are not likely to be significant. Two-way traffic will be maintained around the work area through the use of flaggers with radios.

Riverwood, Riverwalk, Arroyo, River Crossing, Granadilla, Persimmon and Verde Point

These roads will be seal-coated and striped over a period of two to three weeks between December 2015 and March 2016, weather dependent. As dates are finalized, residents will be notified via email and with door flyers for the affected homes. This will involve the closing of one side of each road in sections while two-way traffic around the work is maintained by flaggers with radios. There will be a portion of one day where residents will not be able to enter or leave their driveway for a few hours while the seal-coat cures enough to allow traffic. Only one side of the street will be done in a day and residents will be notified of their specific day ahead of time. The one day of work will involve prep work in the morning, the shooting of the seal-coat around mid-day, with access allowed in the late afternoon/early evening.

Rio Cordillera at the FM 3351 Gate

This project is slated for February or March 2016 and is dependent on completion of the other phases. The entire area on both sides from FM 3351 to Sendero Ridge will have a full-depth repair done with a new asphalt overlay. This work will take approximately two weeks and will involve the closing of one side at a time while two-way traffic is maintained on the open side through the use of flaggers with radios. The gates will be locked open during this time.

Throughout the process and if changes should occur, residents and members will receive continuous communication and updates. The Cordillera Ranch POA can be contacted for further information.

Matt Haire is the Cordillera Ranch POA General Manager. He can be reached at or 830.336.3501. Visit the website at

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