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By Angela Rabke

The architectural review process that is in place for Cordillera Ranch is intentional, and exists to maintain and preserve the shared vision and aesthetic of the Cordillera Ranch community. The devil is in the details, as they say — but a select few builders know those details by heart.

Cordillera Ranch Preferred Builders are the only builders that are pre-approved to build houses in Cordillera — so you can get started on your dream home immediately. Experience matters, and Preferred Builders have built over two-thirds of the homes in the community. This select group was chosen for their commitment to the trade, and their craftsmanship is evident on every street. Building a home is a long process, and Preferred Builders are committed to maintaining lasting relationships with their clients. The combination of quality craftsmanship and trusting relationships yields beautiful homes with the best resale value.

As Preferred Builder Trey Garner says, “Cordillera Ranch is in a class of its own. I’ve never seen a developer be as committed to a project as DH Investment Company is, and you can see the results. There is not one detail that goes unnoticed. Not only is the natural country breathtaking, but the amenities are world-class. The homes are gorgeous, and carefully and thoughtfully built. The entire atmosphere in the community is special; you can feel the relaxation and the gratitude for this place in everyone from the residents to the staff — everyone understands that Cordillera Ranch is a place to embrace authentic, joyful living, and I honestly believe that’s why people fall in love with it. I’ve met people who are meticulous planners purchase property on a whim — and don’t regret it one bit.”

Authentic Custom Homes
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Over the last 18 years, Authentic Custom Homes LLC has constructed over 60 Cordillera homes. As a Green Certified Builder, they work hard to create more sustainable and resource-efficient homes. “Cordillera is unique and beautiful, and we are proud to build homes that meet the standards set by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC),” says Adrianne Carnes, Director of Operations. “Cordillera Ranch maintains its high standards of excellence every day.” The president of Authentic Custom Homes, Israel Pena, has a degree in architecture, and he applies his 30 years of design experience to each Cordillera project. Their design portfolio includes many styles, and each home design is completed to exceed each client’s expectations. “We have designed Texas Hill Country Homes all over the Boerne area,” says Carnes. “We also have homes in our portfolio that represent Old World, Hacienda, Farmhouse and French Country.


Christofilis Custom Homes
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Damon Christofilis has been a resident of Cordillera Ranch since 2002, and has built over 120 houses for the community that he calls home. Damon employs a hands-on approach to all of his projects and believes in treating each of his client’s homes as if they were his own. Jason Hurt, Damon’s right-hand man since 2002, is a demanding project manager known for his creativity, attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. As a Preferred Builder, Damon recognizes the role of the Architectural Review Committee. “We really embrace what the committee is trying to accomplish — enhancing everyone’s property values.” As a builder and resident, Damon appreciates the natural beauty of the area, as well as the beautiful nature of the people who live in Cordillera Ranch.

Christofilis-Custom-Homes Christofilis-Custom-Homes-Family-Room

Garner Homes
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Garner Homes, managed by partner Trey Garner, has built dozens of homes in Cordillera Ranch since 2005. Garner Homes strives to provide timeless homes for their clients. “We are proud that the homes we have built have commonalities that reject trendiness but embrace classic lines and design concepts.” Garner works closely with Jim Terrain of J. Terrain Designs, who has designed nearly 80 homes in Cordillera. Like all of the Preferred Builders, Trey truly appreciates the benefits of the program. “Being a Preferred Builder has helped me clarify my organization’s vision, too; being a part of this elite group has helped light the path for our finish out standards and the way we approach building sciences. We’ve developed methodologies because of our Cordillera Ranch projects that we’re carrying over to all of our work, and the Preferred Builder program was a catalyst for that.”

Garner-Exterior Garner-Kitchen

Pasadera Homes
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Gabriel R. Garcia, partner at Pasadera Homes, has been building in Cordillera Ranch since 2005. They are the exclusive builders for the Di Lusso Villas, and their work includes over 20 Cordillera homes, as well as The Clubs of Cordillera    Phase 1 Complex, The Clubs Tennis Facility and several other Cordillera projects. Garcia understands that each client is unique and works with several different architects and designers to achieve the desired results. “We strive to be inspired by innovative design concepts,” says Gabe, “This means looking beyond what is trendy, and finding a custom solution for each client.”

Pasadera-Bathroom Pasadera-Backyard

Stadler Custom Homes
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With over 50 custom homes built in Cordillera Ranch, including his own, Ray Stadler understands the Cordillera lifestyle and the client expectations that come with each project. He often works with Gustavo Arredondo of A-Design, who has designed hundreds of homes in Cordillera. As a builder, he appreciates the rigor of the Architectural Review Committee. “The ARC works hard to keep the standards for Cordillera high so that the owners in Cordillera get well-designed and well-built homes. They do this to protect the value of everyone’s property and they do an exceptional job.” And as a resident, Ray is the first to celebrate what makes Cordillera special. “The people. Yes, it is beautiful, has a lot of great outdoor attractions and activities, many great social programs, is maintained very well and is a good value, but it really is the people that complete the picture and bring it all together.”

Stadler-Backyard Stadler-Bedroom

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