Pasadera Builders Shapes Cordillera Ranch Evolution

Since 2005, Pasadera Builders has made its mark on Cordillera Ranch. The full-service builder specializes in high-end custom residential and commercial construction in San Antonio and the Hill Country, and their experience encompasses hospitality lodging, restaurants, community amenities, multi-family housing, new build and commercial remodel projects, all of which relates to their presence in Cordillera Ranch.

Dating back to Phase 1 of The Clubhouse, the firm has been responsible for many of the community’s infrastructure construction including the Cabana Grille, dining facilities, a commercial kitchen, swimming facilities with four pools, and accessory structures and shade features. The practicality of these structures is paired with intentional design, says Gabe Garcia, Pasadera Builders partner, “The architectural details are designed to reflect vintage Hill Country construction using the native materials left in as natural a state as possible. That includes beams constructed with natural waned edges and rubble-type parapet walls.”  

Additionally, Pasadera Builders built the golf course maintenance buildings, which include administration offices, maintenance shop, and storage and warehouse buildings. “These buildings are completely utilitarian by definition, so incorporating them within The Club’s area using typical residential details with a proper scale was the solution to what is otherwise an eyesore on other high-end golf facilities.” Mission accomplished, as both the residents and the golf maintenance crew are proud of their facilities. The construction of the tennis facility building houses the pro shop and offices. “As a Club facility, the importance of exterior spaces were to construct with the thought of extended sun shading capabilities. The retail area of the pro shop reflects the same interior finishes as the main Club facilities.” Pasadera Builders also constructed the Property Owners Association building and facility, the waste water treatment facility and The Club Outfitter Center building with a pro shop and equipment storage space. 

Aside from the commercial and industrial buildings, the Cordillera Ranch Preferred Builder has paved the way residentially as well with the design, development and construction of the popular enclave Di Lusso Villas, now in its second phase. The Tuscan-styled villas are ensconced in a gated, planned community that affords residents “lock and leave” convenience, remote access to security and HVAC systems and common landscape maintenance. “The draw for residents is the authentic architecture and Old World charm coupled with the incomparable setting and views,” says Garcia. Featuring imported Italian clay tile roofs, limestone masonry, traditional three-step integral colored stucco exteriors and anterior courtyards, the residences are available in eight base plans designed by renowned architect Roy Braswell with customization available as well as varied interior motifs ranging from contemporary to classical and traditional. Regarded for their technical knowledge, ability and artisanship, Garcia says where Pasadera Builders really differentiates in their work is by not building the same way as everyone else, “Some of the details are ones you wouldn’t know about, behind-the-scenes. We are known for square corners on sheetrock and true full-depth baseboards housing lighting control systems for each room. All the means and methods of our work meet or exceed required codes, always with an eye for efficiencies.”

Those hallmarks continue with the builder’s on-going work with two current commercial projects — the Cordillera Ranch Visitors Center and The Lodges at Cordillera Ranch. The Visitors Center will house four business entities that include the Cordillera Ranch Real Estate Company, the development company, D.H. Investments, the Property Owners Association administration and Pasadera Builders. With two levels, there will also be lease spaces for related businesses. Garcia says the aesthetic and feel were paramount, “While any typical office space is suitable to house these types of business, the challenge was to also construct what is representative of the residential architecture of today, yet staying true to the lifestyle mission of Cordillera.“ To that end, he says, “The exterior architecture incorporates simple yet unique residential details with integral colored stucco, architecturally cut stone paired with chopped stone and a standing seam roof enveloping the four commercial operations. The interior design is not typical of offices and includes using materials found in most living rooms as well as materials only found in the most unique high-end residences. All this was accomplished while still being mindful of efficiency of space and energy usage. The end result allows for a more relaxed office environment that feels like home.”

The foundation was just poured and vertical construction has begun for The Lodges at Cordillera Ranch, the latest extension of facilities serving a specific use. “For people interested in living here, they will now have a place to stay when they are visiting. More than just a tour, now prospective residents can be immersed in the heart of the Cordillera Ranch lifestyle.” Built as two separate buildings — one as a two-story six-plex, the other as a four-unit single story — the design will have a decidedly residential aesthetic. “The Lodges will have the most contemporaneous feel of all The Club structures. The interior spaces encompass the typical needs of a high-end hospitality resort with finishes that represent the Hill Country, Cordillera Ranch and home.” Ideal for groups as well as overflow guest housing for residents, “The common spaces that connect each guest space create a feel of staying within a home and not a ‘hotel room.’ The buildings are designed to allow for complete privacy for all guests while at the same time not being isolated from family, friends and other guests that make-up the warm Cordillera community.”

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