Partners in Building

As many of you may know, Partners in Building is one of the newest additions to Cordillera Ranch’s distinguished Preferred Builders roster. With awards and accolades from the Texas Association of Builders, the Greater Houston Builders Association and the Houston Business Journal, Partners in Building has been exceeding customer satisfaction since 1986. After building over 240 custom homes last year alone, it is no surprise that Partners in Building is the largest custom home builder in Texas. Although their focus has been largely on Austin and Houston markets in the past, Cordillera Ranch is introducing them to the beautifully scenic Hill Country.

“Cordillera Ranch actually came looking for us, looking to expand their preferred builder range,” says John Moon, Partners’ lead sales representative at Cordillera Ranch. Partners in Building only recently brought their custom home building expertise to the San Antonio area in September of last year. With 30-40% of the residents moving into the Hill Country hailing from the Houston area, Partners’ prevalent presence was something they were missing in an otherwise paradise. Ultimately, there was a demand for Partners in Building and Cordillera delivered.

Prior to joining Partners, John spent over 20 years in executive management in the non-profit world before deciding to satiate his passion for building custom homes. “I had built several custom homes of my own and had enjoyed the process and decided that I really wanted to work in that endeavor,” John says.  “We’re doing exactly what I want to do here [with Partners] so it was a real fit.” Since John joined Partners in Building in September, they have begun construction on two homes in Cordillera. One is the showcase home on Clubs Drive that is available for sale and one for a new resident in the Ranch.

Now, as a part of the Partners and Cordillera team, John is discovering different families in the area and working with them from the very beginning of their custom home building experience. “Many of them own their own lot and some of them really don’t even know how to approach the process,” John says. “At times, I’m connecting them with land sales people or with a neighborhood idea because of my knowledge base of the different custom home areas throughout the Hill Country. Then I begin to introduce them to a process that we’ve been finessing and making ours.”

That process is what has made Partners a permanent fixture in the Texas custom home building market for decades. As opposed to other custom home builders building 10 to 15 homes each year, Partners has been perfecting their process that allows them to build well over that (remember 240+?). John elaborates, “Because we are building that many homes, we also have access to some values in economies of scale. So we’re able to offer back pricing without sacrificing any quality. We’ve got some real strategic and elements in process and in our pricing. Simply because of our size, we’re able to negotiate opportunities that are very beneficial to our customers.”

Another beneficial resource for customers are the tools Partners has at their fingertips to make custom home building a breeze. They have over one thousand custom home plans that they have built in their system, allowing clients to review the stunning projects and take ideas from the myriad of homes to create their own.

“The Hill Country’s exploding and it’s beautiful!” John says. Now that Partners has finally made it to the Hill Country, they have begun building in and around Canyon Lake, areas like The Canyons at Scenic Loop and a number of other beautiful neighborhoods in the vicinity. “We’re very excited about the opportunity to come in and introduce people to our brand and the benefits that we offer to our customers.” Those in Cordillera Ranch, in particular.

“Here in Cordillera Ranch, it’s a dream place,” John stresses. “I talked to someone recently who has owned property here for twenty years and it’s been their dream for twenty years to come and build, but they haven’t been ready. Now they’re ready to exercise a new phase of their dream, so we’re beginning that conversation. That’s exciting! And if I had one thing I’d want to communicate, it’s to come to the Hill Country and let us build your dream.”

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