Organic Skin Care

By Tammera Aranda

Why Choose Organic Skin Care Products?

What we choose to apply on our skin is important, just as what we choose to eat is important to our overall health. Processed foods have most of the nutrients stripped from them so the healthier choice for our bodies is raw, natural, preferably organic food. The same can be said for skin care choices. Our skin is a living, breathing organ, and the largest in the body. Choosing certified organic skin care is important in decreasing the toxic load on our system. Here are some potentially harmful ingredients that are used in manufacturing the most common non-organic skin care and make-up items:

• Mercury

• Dioxane

• Nitrosamines


• Cyclomethicone

• Ammonium Laureth Sulfate

• Alcohol, Isopropyl (SD-40)

• Polyethylene Glycol

How effective is organic skin care? 

As a professional in the skin care industry for over 20 years, it has been found that the best skin care available originated in nature. Organic skin care products work better simply because they are made with superior raw active ingredients. The skin absorbs, recognizes and utilizes pure ingredients better than synthetic materials.

The Body Deli — Raw Superfood for the Skin

The Body Deli is a pioneer in the organic skin and body care industry and they’re on a mission to provide natural products that deliver real results. This company makes their products by hand in small batches in order to ensure that their product is fresh and therefore most effective and with higher potency. What a difference! Nothing else compares to this product’s regenerative and restorative ability. Mother Nature really does know best!


About Tammera Aranda

Tammera Aranda has worked in the Spa industry for over 20 years and brings the best skin care treatments to Cordillera Ranch. Her broad professional experience includes massage therapy and vocational nursing in addition to her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She co-founded a successful Spa in the Dallas – Ft Worth area, but family ties brought her back to San Antonio. As an esthetician, Tammera has found her true passion in skin care. She strives to customize each skin treatment to the unique needs of each of her clients. Tammera appreciates the opportunity to be a part of the team of Spa professionals at Cordillera Ranch who bring their extensive knowledge to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle and to help members and their guests feel their best.

Contact Tammera Aranda at 817.909.2152 or at to learn more about her products and services.

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