New Members, New Residents

New Members
Aric & Stacy Evatt
Barry & Mary Colacurci
Bill & Merilee Lewis
Bob & Randy Albers
Brad & Melissa Bynam
Chris & Cathryn Cheatwood
Chris & Susan Thompson
Coleen Grissom
Craig & Nedra Edwards
David & Dianna Billhartz
David & Gail Sanders
Dick & Veronica Rothwell
Don & Kris Rymer
Elaine Palance
Eric & Jennifer Lawitz
Gary & Judy Hyde
Gerardo & Graciela Gonzalez
Grant & Iris Thompson
Greg & Susan Maxwell
Gregory & Alexis Cook
James & Patricia Davis
James & Tammy Evatt
Jeff & Mary Smith
Jeremy & Melissa Peters
John & Susan Boyd
Jon & Ellen Yarbrough
Kelley & Courtney Chisholm
Kevin & Mandi Pease
Lee & Julie McLoy
Luciano & Sherri Reyes
Mark & Amy Ogden
Mark & Suzanne Bielstein
Matt & Lisa Childs
Michael & Berit Gissell
Michael & Kathleen Watson
Michael & Shelly Badgett
Morris & Theresa Goen
Nick & Isabelle Mumford
Paul & Ellen Yates
Phil & Beth Lane
Phil & Karen Hunke
Rick & Julia Roth
Robert & Claudia Heath
Roxana Ibanez Cuenca & Felipe Mendoza
Sandra Ragan
Steve & Mary Brook
Thomas & Cecilia Irwin
Troy & Jennifer Jewell
William & Christi Coster

New Residents
Alberto & Josefa Volpe
Amy & Mark Ogden
Barbara Rogers
Barry & Mary Colacurci
Bill & Christi Coster
Bob & Patti Blakely
Bob & Nancy Zwerneman
Brent & Esther Jenkins
Brian & Diane Treusdell
Butch & Lea Stokes
Cecil & Linda Barcelo
Chris & Susan Thompson
Craig & Nedra Edwards
Daniel &  Mercedes LaLonde
David & Angela Moore
Deborah & Richard Winsor
Dick & Veronica Rothwell
Eric & Jennifer Lawitz
Frank & Carol Matter
Frank & Denny Allen
Frank & Isabella Mumford
Grant & Iris Thompson
Greg & Alexis Cook
Guillermo Sesma
Harold & Rita Barrow
Herman & Molly Little
James & Gwen Stewart
Jeremy & Melissa Peters
Jim & Leslie Sides
Joe & Jeri Guyton
John & Rose Monday
Kelley & Courtney Chisholm
Les & Terrie Whitman
Linda & Gary Mixon Komperda
Mark & Connie Proudfoot
Mark & Lisa Roll
Mark Volpe
Matt & Lisa Childs
Michael & Kathleen Watson
Molly & Herman Little
Nat & Lindsay Mangum
Paul & Sarah Barowsky
Phil & Beth Lane
Richard & Johanna Webb
Richard & Kristin Martin
Robert & Michelle Hobbs
Robert & Randy Albers
Roy & Janice Keith
Steve Vallone
Tim & Kay Dunn
Van & Jodi Wilkinson

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Staff Profile

Albert Rene Guerra

Dining Manager / Pool Manager830.336.9000 x163 Hometown: San Antonio, TexasFamily Members: 2 older brothers, 1 younger sister / Mother and Father / 2 nieces

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Preferred Builders

Somerset: An Astounding Model Home on the Ranch

When trying to imagine your perfect dream home, sometimes it helps to see the real thing. That’s where Lifestyle by Stadler, a luxury custom home builder, comes in. They are the longest standing Preferred Builder for Cordillera Ranch, with more than 60 homes built in the community over the last 15 years.

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Cordillera Ranch POA

Fish Stocking in Swede Creek Lake

Swede Creek Lake is an outstanding resource and amenity at Cordillera Ranch, and during my 16 years on the Ranch, we have watched the fish populations remain fairly healthy. In 2015, we did a fish survey in Swede Creek Lake to get an estimate of the health and numbers of fish and that report found a very healthy population of bass and several species of sunfish. Over the years, we have caught the following species out of Swede Creek Lake: largemouth or black bass, Guadalupe or spotted bass, rock bass, red breast sun fish, long ear sunfish, green sunfish, bluegill, channel catfish, striped bass and a few turtle species that include the red-ear slider, Texas river cooter and softshell turtle. We have also seen nutra rat and beaver using the lake as home.

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