More Than A House: The New Way to Protect & Customize Your Home

“More than a house.” That’s what buzzes through most people’s minds when you first start house shopping. Everyone’s experience is different — and equally, so are their needs. But one resounding similarity we all share is the question of “How do I make this feel like home?”

By Paula Novodvorschi, GVTC Communications Coordinator

Typically, you may think of interior design, custom landscaping or adding touches of familiarity like photos or sweet keepsakes. But what about using automated home security to feel at home?

Smart home security — the new way to protect and customize your home — gives you complete control over your household, from when you set your doors to lock at night to the song you program to play when you wake up in the morning. The trick is knowing your options….

Luckily for you, GVTC is the perfect start to making your home smart.

We’ve partnered with Honeywell® to bring you connectHome®, the best in smart home security technology. We offer security monitoring, video doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras, motion detectors and Lyric® controllers that all integrate with our connectHome® App to automate your home. Not sure what this has to do with making your house a home? Let’s discuss.

You’ve heard about people turning their houses into smart homes before but maybe never received a full picture of what that means. With Smart connectHome® Security, you can control every aspect of your house from your smartphone — anywhere, anytime! Even set up “scenes” like opening your garage or turning on lights within the App that are triggered when you’re a certain distance from home. Your light bulbs. Your door locks. Your thermostat. Even your coffee maker! You have the power and creative space to personalize your home to fit your family’s needs. And with most industry standard Wi-Fi and Zwave smart products compatible with connectHome®, your choices are limitless.

Here are our Top 10 Favorites to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Skybell® Video Doorbell – This isn’t just any doorbell. This smart doorbell includes a camera and audio speaker so you can see and speak to anyone that approaches. Maybe you want to be notified when your kids get home from school. Or a pesky salesman wants to get five minutes of your time while you’re eating dinner. Through your connectHome® App, you can handle any situation that greets your door — literally.

2. Honeywell® Security Cameras – These 1080p HD cameras catch even the details your devious dog at home thinks you won’t see… like getting on the couch the second you leave for work or sneaking into the treat bowl on the kitchen counter. You can connect cameras to your connectHome® App to monitor your home at all times. Expecting a package? Set up notifications to buzz the instant someone approaches your door! It’s one layer of protection you’ll be grateful you invested in.

3. Smart Home Hubs – Think Amazon Echo® or Google Home®. GVTC’s connectHome® App integrates with almost all smart home hubs to further extend your customization options. We won’t dare tell you which one to choose, but it never hurt anyone to have an assistant…or two around. 

4. Smart Locks – We’ve all done it. You’re 20 minutes late to work, still need to drop the kids off at school, and haven’t even picked up a coffee to get you through the day… it’s no wonder you forgot to lock the door. That’s where smart locks save the day! You can schedule “scenes” to lock your door(s) automatically from your phone. Have a strict curfew for the entire family? Set all doors to lock at 10:00pm daily. Stop worrying about your safety; that’s our job.

5. Smart Thermostat – It’s no secret Texas has two seasons: Winter and Summer. Neither is all that kind to your electric bill, but luckily for you, smart thermostats like Nest® or Honeywell® can also be automated, so you can regulate your thermostat no matter where you are! Save money and peace of mind.

6. Smart Lightbulbs – You may laugh, but the slogan “Clap on! Clap off!” had the right idea. We just think this option is less embarrassing and more efficient. Customize your home lighting’s brightness, color and energy use via smart lightbulbs. Why get out of your perfectly cocooned spot on the couch, when you can turn the lights off with a click of a button? Exactly.

7. Smart Vacuums – Out with the old. In with the new! And by new we mean sleek, robotic vacuums you never have to push again. Save time doing less chores, so you can spend more time enjoying your home with the family. Smart vacuums run on a set schedule, too, so you never have to worry about Fido’s hair all over. Ever. Again.

8. Smart Outlets – Unsure if you left your straightener plugged in, and itching at work to see if your home’s still intact? Install smart outlets for the important rooms like the kitchen or bathroom to automatically cut power when needed from specific sockets. It’s the little things, we promise.

9. Smart Sensors – You’ve heard the horror stories about coming home to a flooded kitchen. Turn that worry into confidence with GVTC’s flood sensors and get notified if something ever goes wrong.

10. Smart Appliances – We can all appreciate a tight ship, but when you have three kids, work 80-hour weeks, and rely on a dishwasher to keep your kitchen breathable, we recommend going all the way with your smart home automation. From your fridge and coffee maker to your washer and dryer, automate your chores, not your free time!

The best part about it all? From your connectHome® starter package, you can add compatible smart devices as they fit your family needs. Everyone’s needs are different, but at the end of the day we all want to feel special and safe in our homes. The sky truly is the limit on how “smart” you can get.  

And we’re here to test those limits.

Optimizing our Smart Home Security package to be robust and affordable, GVTC’s connectHome® starter package includes either one (1) Skybell® doorbell or one (1) Honeywell® camera, one (1) motion detector, three (3) sensors and a connectHome® account that integrates your favorite smart devices to one mobile home-assistant, all for just $34.95/month!

Take your family from a house to a home, with GVTC Smart connectHome® Security.

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