Massage Therapy

Meet The Clubs new Massage Therapist Amanda Rebollar, and get in touch with its benefits

Amanda has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2010. With advanced training in Reflexology, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, her specialties include back, shoulders, feet, glutes and neck. She is continually learning new ways to relieve pain and discomfort using alternative methods of healing the body to balance, align and relieve the tension that causes stress and discomfort.

Studies have shown that massage is an effective treatment in reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. But it also encourages relaxation that continues long after a session, reinforcing a positive outlook and overall wellbeing.

Sherry Christofilis says, “I’ve been going to Amanda for over six years. It was originally for my neuropathy but I realized it was the massage that helped my feet. I have been getting massages for over 25 years and she is the best masseuse I have ever had!”

Our Membership Director, Debbie Pepper, had a chance to experience Amanda’s massage and says, “As a formerly licensed massage therapist and someone who has had massages at some of the top spas in the country, Las Ventanas in Cabo, Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, etc., her massage was the best therapeutic massage I have ever experienced. I have lingering issues from my rotator cuff injury, L-4 and L-5 lower back issues and most recently a stiff neck with limited mobility for three months. Amanda addressed the issues using techniques I have never experienced before, which were firm but not so invasive that I was sore from a normal deep tissue massage. Many times after a massage, you feel immediately better and relieved but after a few days the muscles are programed to go back into the traction as before. It has been three weeks since my massage and I am still feeling relief with much improved range of motion. Her techniques and deep massage were superior and she presents herself in a professional manner. She specializes in back, neck and shoulders and will be an asset to our spa team.”

Amanda is excited to be a part of the Cordillera Ranch family and looks forward to meeting you! To schedule a massage with Amanda, please call 773.701.1797.


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