Life is better out here

Doyle and Yana Dommert

Members since 2009  ::  Moved from Houston, Texas

Life out here IS better!

The only way to improve on that truth would be to say… the folks out here are better! But I suppose we are a little biased. We absolutely love being part of the Cordillera family, because that exactly describes how the people of Cordillera respond to each other…. as a family! When describing Cordillera to others, they often say… “it can’t be that great.” Well, yes it can and it is!! And how about this golf course?? You can play it every day and still get a shiver down your spine at the fabulous view when stepping up to the number one tee! It takes your breath away. Not to mention the hopeful excitement of “I am going to conquer this beast today!” We are pleased and extremely proud to call Cordillera our home.


Greg and Jo Evelyn Etter

Members since 2009  ::  Moved from Kerrville, Texas

Tranquility of a larger lot in the Hill Country with secure area 

for our children growing up is why we moved here in 2006.

We also wanted to build our home in a secure area where our children could enjoy good public school academics and athletics. In 2007, Greg took a job based in Toronto with international responsibilities, so the proximity to the San Antonio Airport became a real blessing. Our three children are grown now, but we continue to enjoy our home and the peaceful area. Jo Evelyn is an avid tennis player, and both have recently taken up golf in the past few years and play on a regular basis.


Gary and Beckie Francis Russi

Members since 2014  ::  Lived 18 years in Michigan/1 year in South Dakota

Cordillera Ranch is a jewel.

We are glad to have become a member of the “Cordillera family.” Why? The climate is favorable and warm compared to the harsh north climate where we spent our entire professional life. The Fitness Center is well equipped with access to an exceptionally qualified trainer, fitness and wellness expert. The Equestrian Center to board, ride nature trails and care for two horses with a warm and friendly staff. The golf course is staffed with qualified and supportive staff. The clubhouse and the other “clubs” provide many options for engagement staffed with courteous and service-oriented staff. The regional healthcare. The availability and easy use of government and city services in a small community — no lines. Easy access to higher education institutions, arts, theatre and professional athletics a few miles away. The safe and secure living environment. The “lock and leave-no maintenance” villa. Wonderful bible studies. Most of all, the well-educated, successful, experienced, friendly and giving Cordillera neighbors — people do make a difference.


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