Life is Better Out Here

Cleve and Tammy Hogarth
Members since 2017 :: Moved from Sugar Land, Texas
We were originally introduced to Cordillera Ranch in 2005 as frequent guests of good friends who built here and immediately developed a favorable appreciation for this unique community. With Cleve’s semi-retirement in 2017, our relocation alternatives were focused on the Texas Hill Country and, specifically, Cordillera Ranch was top of the list.
To us, Cordillera Ranch is so much more than a large development with beautiful homes. The scale of the property, the range of amenities and The Clubs make it truly unique. But most importantly, it’s the people — warm, approachable and with so many interesting backgrounds and interests. In the year-and-a-half residing here, we have already developed many great friendships. We regularly enjoy many of the facilities and amenities of the Ranch and The Clubs including golf, fitness, dining, wine, the pool, river and shooting. We also participate in social organizations including the wine club and nature club. We are convinced that we have the best of both worlds living in such a unique community without congestion, but with easy access to big city services whenever we want.

William and Dawn Hrynyshyn
Members since 2016 :: Moved from San Antonio, Texas
For Dawn and our three children, Cordillera Ranch and The Clubs are the epitome of “living your best life”. We moved back to Cordillera Ranch in August of 2016, once our new home was completed by Garner Homes. After living in Cordillera Ranch from 1999-2001, we promised ourselves we would move back after our three children left for college. During our initial residency, The Club did not exist and now that we are back, we are making up for lost time. Once Debbie introduced us to Membership and all the offerings, we hit the ground running.
We appreciate the staff in the dining area as they manage to always accommodate our requests for the unusual ways we like things cooked. On holidays, we are thankful for the convenience to be able to order and pick up food so we can enjoy the holiday. We use the shuttle services regularly, and Ben is always on time and never complains about the amount of luggage that accompanies our travels. Last, but not least, the Gun Club is top notch. Shane and his staff are knowledgeable and helpful. We enjoy “date night” at the Gun Club frequently as it is something we enjoy as a couple.
Finally, one of the best value propositions of The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch is the diverse offerings that allow us to “weave in and out” of our quality of life living at the Ranch. It is truly “better out here”! As a family, we enjoy spending time down at the Guadalupe River, swimming at the pool with friends, or playing tennis and golf. Members all say that living on the Ranch is like living in a vacation spot year-round. We are hopeful that as their kids grow up and continue to make so many memories here at the Ranch, that it will remain a place where they can invite their friends to come and stay a while. Our family has an open-door policy and we want to be able to welcome anyone that wants to be a part of this great place and all that God is doing in their lives.

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