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Think of Texas Investors Title as the small-town company that can compete with the big boys in Dallas and Houston. Based in Boerne, the full-service title company is among a handful of Texas firms specializing in high-end, million-dollar-plus real estate transactions. Capable of closing transactions anywhere in Texas or the nation, Texas Investors is the title company of choice for Cordillera Ranch. 

By Dan R. Goddard

“We can compete with the biggest title companies in the state,” Steve Vallone, Chief Executive Officer and primary closer, says. “Since our fees are regulated by the state, all title companies charge the same premiums. But we have grown to be one of the top title companies in Texas because of our service and expertise. We are competent in closing any transaction, with our primary focus being the satisfaction of our customer and the accuracy of our work product.”

Texas Investors is known for going the extra mile to ensure smooth, efficient, stress-free closings. “If you can’t come to our office, we’ll come to you when it’s time for documents to be signed,” Vallone says. “We have obtained signatures from a doctor between surgeries at a hospital, as well as a seller while the movers were loading furniture at the property being sold. We try to make things as easy as possible and with the least amount of stress.”

A title company, essentially, handles all the paperwork involved in a real estate transaction, including historical research, confirming ownership and determining what recorded documents affect the property, such as mineral rights, mortgages, easements and other legal issues. To complete the transaction, the title company provides escrow services, including providing, collecting and getting all pertinent documents signed and then collecting the money and paying all involved. Finally, the title company issues a title insurance policy guaranteeing the accuracy of its work.

“We represent all sides of a real estate transaction and handle all of the many documents that are involved,” Vallone says. “The title insurance policy provides a defense if we have overlooked a document or misconstrued something. We go out of the way to help with legal bills. We try to fix any problem without causing a large amount of attorney fees.”  

As an independent agent, Texas Investors represents multiple underwriters for title insurance policies. The company services a wide variety of customers and can handle all of your title insurance needs whether commercial, residential or farm and ranch. But with a focus on high-end transactions, Texas Investors keeps its volume low, which allows the company to take a more proactive role in resolving title matters such as obtaining variances from homeowner associations and reviewing surveys.

Texas Investors shares investors in Cordillera Ranch, which makes for a close working relationship, Vallone says. “We know all the properties in Cordillera Ranch inside and out,” Vallone says. “While it’s not a requirement for Cordillera Ranch residents to use our services, no other title company can match our knowledge and experience working with Cordillera Ranch.”

“We know when we are using Texas Investors Title that there simply won’t be any last-minute hiccups or delays; that’s a critical element in determining the best title company to use. They are service-oriented and committed to delivering on time without hassles, which is incredibly comforting in our business,” says Charlie Hill, President of Cordillera Ranch Development Corp.

President and Escrow Officer Becky Edmiston is a Certified Escrow Settlement Professional (CESP), one of only about 200 people in the state with the certification by the Texas Land Title Association. She oversees the day-to-day operations of Texas Investors with nine people at its Boerne headquarters and one in a branch office in Houston.

“We are a very tight group and everyone has their specialty,” Edmiston says. “Our Residential, Farm & Ranch, and Commercial Departments consist of experienced escrow personnel with backgrounds in legal, title and real estate. Their knowledge of contracts, title insurance and general real estate procedures enable them to work closely with the parties regardless of the type of transaction.”

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