Kendall County Commissioners Court, Precinct 2: Richard W. Elkins

Hi, neighbors. Hope this finds all of you doing well. 

Did you know that the Commissioners Court was created early in the history of our colonial times and it is still the governing body of your County? The Texas Constitution specifies that a Commissioners Court is to consist of a county judge and four county commissioners elected by the qualified voters of individual commissioner’s precincts. 

Your County government legislative powers and executive duties are limited in the Texas Constitution and by-laws passed by the Texas Legislature, making County government a legal subdivision of the State. Your County government has no authority to act UNLESS the legislature has given that authority. What is decided in Austin is mandated to your County government. We must all be proactive in Austin to ensure you have a say in your County and protect our Quality of Life.

With the construction of the new schools on FM3351/SH46, what kind of road improvements are planned for that area?

The following is dependent on study findings. Within the next couple of years, I believe there will be considerable road improvements. FM3351 is currently being studied by TxDOT on how to transition part of the road from two to four lanes from FM3351/SH46 to IH10; a traffic light and lane enhancements will be added at the entrance to the new middle school on SH46; the intersection at FM3351/SH46 will be revised to handle the traffic; road surfaces and shoulders will need to be improved.

Are you anticipating any commercial and residential development in the area?

Over the next couple of years, there should be significant commercial development in support of the normal day-to-day needs of those living in the area. Schools bring in additional residential development, restaurants and probably a grocer or grocery store.

Where do you see the County in the next few years?

In the next five years, I see continued growth at the current rate and then growth slowing over the following years due to the increased cost of living, school taxes and the “country” feeling being diminished by the changes.

How would you like to see community member involvement?

This is an exciting time, and additional County and Community Strategic Planning and Implementation Tactics will need to be developed. In the near future, there will be a call out to the community to ask for their assistance. I encourage community members to participate in those areas of their expertise so that together it is our best collective effort.

What additional improvements would you like to see in your precinct?

  • Legislation that will allow County voters the ability to control incompatible land use — some businesses should not be located in subdivisions, on thoroughfares and next to schools.
  • Employers that need technology-oriented employees to supplement our business community. Currently, too many residents are commuting to San Antonio for those positions. 
  • A Skilled Job Education Center — our children are currently our greatest export due to the lack of skilled jobs that pay a true living wage. 
  • Additional Support Services so that individuals that are having a difficult time have the tools to learn and earn a better quality of life.
  • Affordable residences or apartment housing so many of those who work in our County can live in the County.
  • Additional affordable medical services so that we are not required to travel to San Antonio.
  • Road improvements within the County and city.
  • Ability to control signage and light contamination along roads.

Just to name a few.

What do you find are the County’s greatest assets?

Our County’s greatest assets are you and your children. Working together, we will continue to strive to protect our quality of life. We have something wonderful — let us keep it. Stay involved. 

Thank you for allowing me to serve you,


Your County Commissioner Pct. 2


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