Junior Golf at Cordillera Ranch

jr_golf    The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch had its soft opening in the summer of 2006. Junior golf programs at Cordillera Ranch began one month later. We have had a variety of junior golfers with different playing abilities over the years, some with significant playing achievements. Nick Thornton, Taylor Coleman and Luke Hendry are just a few who have won AJGA events, Club championships or even qualified for an LPGA Tour event.
We have a number of different junior golf programs here at the Club and offer something for everyone. Weekly after school clinics are held during the school year and summer camps are offered June through August. Juniors are also tested in their ability to compete. Junior champions are determined each year and special awards are given. Our PGA Professional staff has over 50 years of experience teaching junior golfers. Here are a few key components of our junior golf program and the different ways you can get your child involved:
    Fundamentals of the golf game, including basic swing techniques, grip and short game instruction
    Integration of the core values of the golf game, from proper etiquette to good sportsmanship—values which are important on and off the course.
    Instruction on and around the golf course to familiarize juniors with “real world” playing conditions
    A small group environment to provide hands-on instruction and attention to each junior participant
    A link between fitness and golf to better educate the juniors’ specific movements needed for the golf swing.
    Club fitting for the junior golfers to determine the correct specifications of every age and height

Cordillera Ranch After School Clinic
The Cordillera Ranch After-School Clinic features golf instruction programs on a consistent basis throughout the year. The weekly clinic is offered in a fun, supportive, and safe learning environment.
The after school clinic follows the school year calendar and provides flexibility. Students are welcome to participate for the entire year, for a season, or on a weekly basis. The clinic is every Wednesday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm during the school year.

Cordillera Cubs Junior Golf Camp
The Cordillera Junior Golf Camps are held during the summer and are a great way to introduce youngsters to the game as well as intermediate level juniors. The four-day camps teach each junior golfer at his/her own level of experience. The format introduces all parts of the game, including rules and etiquette. Kids are introduced to the beginning TPI fitness program which can help juniors develop certain necessary skills to swing the golf club. Junior golfers leave the camp with a better understanding of the golf swing and the game. The Cordillera Cubs Golf Camp is also held during Spring Break week.

Cordillera Ranch Junior Golf Tournaments and Annual Awards Program
Every year Cordillera Ranch has two annual events for the juniors: the Junior Club Championship and the Parent-Child Championship. We also recognize the outstanding juniors for their year round performance.
The Junior Club Championship determines the best junior golfers at Cordillera Ranch. The tournament is separated into different age divisions from 7 to 17. The younger divisions play limited holes while the oldest division plays 18 holes. The winner from the oldest division is crowned as the Junior Club Champion.
As golf professionals, we take an active role in the day walking with and assisting the groups, especially the younger divisions. It is a great opportunity to gauge their progress as well as teach etiquette and the rules of the game.
The Parent Child Championship is a great way for juniors to spend time with their parents and play. The scramble 9-hole format is forgiving and allows parents to introduce the younger juniors to the game of golf. Modified tees are created for the younger juniors while the older juniors play from the standard tees.
The Summer Awards Party follows the Parent-Child Championship. Along with food and fun, three junior golfers are awarded into three separate categories: Player of the Year, Most Improved and Sportsmanship.

TPI Junior Golf Fitness
TPI Junior golf program focuses on the development of a junior golfer through fitness. Our goal for the junior golfer is to first develop fundamental movement skills and establishing functional movement patterns to teach golf-specific skills. The strength and flexibility of the juniors is also tested and improved to prevent injury.
    Exercises and movements skills for the junior golfers can be masked as games or “challenge stations.” Some examples of these stations that teach golf-specific skills are:
    Jumping (the jumping contests test and train the junior golfer’s explosive power needed for the golf swing)
    Side-throwing (side throwing can be a fun activity that teaches rotation power)
    One leg activities (performing the jumping and side-throwing with one leg improves the junior’s balance)
The older and more advance junior golfers experience a program that will be more detailed, due to the fact that their golf swing has already been ingrained. They receive a personalized assessment that includes a 12-point fitness screen designed to determine the junior’s physical limitations. Limitations can lead to swing flaws. These limitations can be corrected with prescribed exercises.

Club Fitting
Club fitting for the juniors can present many challenges. Juniors are often forced into cutoff golf clubs that are too heavy and the grips are typically too big. This can lead to poor swing mechanics and sometimes can lead to injury.
US Kids golf equipment was started in 1997. They have developed specialty golf clubs for juniors and an accurate fitting system. The golf clubs are lighter, shorter and user friendly. The fitting system determines set make-up as well as correct sizing specifications for each junior.
We look forward to having your child participate this year. Whether they are looking to have fun, meet some new friends or really want to improve their game we are here to help. Please call the Golf Shop for more details and to get them started.

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