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Definition: Faux ( /ˈfoʊ/) is a French word for “false”.

In relation to interior design, faux finishing is the individual artist’s capability to make something appear like something that it is not. Faux finishing dates back to the days of cave paintings and the ancient Egyptian tombs, and has been developed into techniques that have been used in everything from fine homes to the most majestic castles.

Techniques and options abound with faux painting. Whether it’s for a small bathroom, or for a grand gameroom, the sky is the limit in terms of what can be accomplished. Your best bet to begin is simply to research. Look at examples, look at techniques, and then try to look at your home with an eye for what is possible.

So what do you do with that enormous blank wall in your family room? Let’s add some plaster , give it some depth with the right tone of glaze, and you will see that you have created an old world crumbled stucco finish making it easier to decorate because less truly becomes more. Venetian Plaster is one of the best products out there. If you are wanting the “true” venetian look, understand that your sheetrock must be floated and skimmed with a smooth texture. There are always options to take it to another level if your home is previously textured. Sample boards are a must. I recommend that if you are a first timer in dealing with faux finishes, live with your sample boards morning, noon and night for a few days. Lighting is also key and it is different in every situation.

How about that “builders white” dome or recessed ceiling in your entry? Let it glow with a copper patina metallic finish to create an inviting ambience into any home. Metallic ceiling not for you? Then the right color paint with a glaze and maybe a hand-painted medallion is the answer.

Tired of your plain jane kitchen cabinets? You have many options here as well. Antiquing your cabinetry will provide a muted feel that also accentuates the lines in your cabinetry. Another option is doing a 2-3 color distressed finish to create more of a primitive cottage feel. Stain cabinets that just aren’t the right tone or have taken a beating can easily be upgraded with some simple faux finishing techniques. Whether you want to achieve an elegant rustic finish or the look of weathered, reclaimed wood, the proper faux finish can be done to customize your home or office. Yes, just like you see in the magazines! No mess, no stress….most cabinet makeovers can be accomplished from start to finish in one week!

Many of you might have an old trunk that was passed down to you from family. Of course, it has lived most of its life in the attic, however, with faux painting this item can actually become a beautiful center piece in your home. Surely you have a spot for it somewhere in your home to exercise its functionality. Maybe just one color with a little distressing and artwork does wonders and will bring it back to life. I encourage you to always pick your fabrics first if you will be incorporating anything new. It is a lot easier to match paint to fabric, choosing paint color first may limit you greatly at the fabric store.

The possibilities of faux painting are endless. Marbleize your columns, make your 20 switch plates screaming from your backsplash disappear into the stone or learn how to create the fanciest powder bath in the neighborhood that every guest will use and adore. Whether you are building new or renovating old, faux finishes are an excellent way to literally “fix” minor problems that occur with construction. The right colors and finishes will easily turn ordinary into extraordinary!

As with any skill, practice takes perfect. There are a number of ways to begin practicing techniques, including taking Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Classes in Boerne at The Shoppe. If attending a class isn’t for you, then do some research, find what you like, and study. You’ll find that faux painting is a technique that many can not only learn, but become quite successful with. Of course, if all of it sounds a bit overwhelming, hiring a professional will certainly give you the results you desire.

With 10 years experience as a professional faux painter, I feel confident to work with anyone , any style. On- site consultations preferred for the best results and most accurate quotes.

If you are considering having work done, please feel free to contact me! I will give you my honest opinion, ups and downs, in and outs. And will also be the 1st to say “too much faux is just too much”! Rhonda Rushing

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