Inspirational Views For Food

dining1There are many things that can inspire a chef’s creativity, but for me, none can compare to the view from the Cordillera Clubhouse. Rolling hills, stunning sun sets, and celestial star-filled skies are just some of the ingredients that impact what gets served at the Cordillera Clubhouse. Texas quail, venison, beef, and fish all get prepared with the desire to be delicious, creative, and “simple”.

Along with the desire to always create tantalizing meals for members to enjoy, I also love to “eat” inspiration. There are some personal jewels that I like to visit to enjoy great company, surroundings, and food.

A great place to have some fun and food is Tejas Rodeo. When I say rodeo, I’m not joking. It’s a rodeo. On Saturday nights you can enjoy bull riding, live music, and some tasty bites. In their saloon, Chef Tyler Horstman grills up a wide selection of steaks that are accompanied with savory homestyle sides. The menu at Tejas Rodeo can satisfy a true “cowboy’s” appetite with a grilled Akaushi Ribeye and some green chili mac & cheese.dining2

If you are planning a trip to Austin, you have to stop by Franklin BBQ. Be warned, get there early and take some folding chairs. This is not your typical BBQ spot. A line forms before the doors open and it closes as soon as they sell out, and they always sell out. It is very casual and you can count on meeting someone from out of state while you wait in line. Beverages are sold during the wait to keep you cool and hydrated. But when you get your brisket and ribs… Wow! It truly is worth the laid back wait, and surely backs up the reputation of being one of the nation’s best.

Sunday, my day. I love to enjoy food on that day; it just tastes better for some reason. When writing menus, I always think about what I like to enjoy on Sundays. A nice drive through the small shops in Gruene, Texas always leads to Cooper’s. It is another BBQ shop, but there is no wait involved. Delicious sausage, spiced beans, and crisp tea really get me going. The berry cobbler warms me up for a good nap. The casual setting makes you want to eat in waves. Talk, smile, eat. Talk, smile, eat. That is how it goes with the family.

dining3As you can tell, I really love food. It is my passion. I dream of food, not just eating is, but creating it. There is a lot that goes into writing and executing a menu, but what a way to start… Just looking out at the view of the Cordillera Ranch Clubhouse.dining4


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