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hometour2Rusty and Karen Olsen chose to move to Cordillera Ranch for it’s incredible beauty, for it’s very interactive social experience, and to get away from the city. They had experienced the social atmosphere of Cordillera Ranch and all that The Club has to offer and knew it was the right place for their family. They were on a quest to find a great lot that backed up to the golf course but also had the things everyone else wants in a lot, Good sun exposure, nice view, prevailing breeze, relatively flat land, and of course beautiful trees. They found the perfect lot with Cordillera’s great sales team’s assistance and enlisted Stadler Custom Homes to help their dream become a reality. Rusty and Karen went right to work describing to Ray Stadler and Gustavo Arredondo, of A-Design, what the vision was for their family and enlisted Ray and Gustavo’s help to expand the possibilities on their lot. Ray and Gustavo spent a lot of time helping the Olsens design the important elements into their home while helping them to work around the very nice trees on the lot and take advantage of the beautiful view of the 6 fairway and pond. Being on the golf course can sometimes create the challenge of having the right amount of privacy in your home and on your patios so a lot of attention was paid to the orientation of the rooms and patios so as to maximize the view and enjoyment of the trees and golf course but at the same time place key elements, such as outdoor kitchen, to provide needed privacy from the areas most open to golfers. A great deal of care was taken, in the design phase, to make sure the trees were in the right places to accent the home and play a key role in the overall experience the Olsens and their guests would have as they approached the home and as the enjoyed the back yard courtyard area.

There were many elements to consider in the design phase, in addition to what the land and mother nature had offered. Rusty wanted a nice gameroom that was open to the view of the course, convenient to the main living area and the outdoor entertainment areas and pool. We were able to tuck this in nicely at the rear of the home so it created privacy and convenience. Rusty and Karen wanted the gameroom to be on the main level so they would use it more and it would become a bigger part of their family and guest interaction and entertainment.

Along with the gameroom, the kitchen and family room needed to once again take advantage of the view and be very open and inviting for the family and their guests. The kitchen, family, and breakfast all open up to the beautiful view of the course but also interact nicely with the courtyard area that is created with the stand of beautiful oaks ,the wrap around design of the home, and the really amazing two level pool built by Scott Champlin with Premier Custom Pools. The kitchen, family, and breakfast all have very attractive ceiling treatments that cozy up their spaces. Karen worked closely with Class Covers and Colors to appoint the beautiful ceilings and design elements with tastefull accents, textures, and colors. The Olsens wanted the rooms to have some “pop” in the ceilings but not be overbearing. Karen and Catherine, at CCC, did a great job of capturing that comfortable elegant look that catches your eye when you enter the rooms.

From the beginning Stadler and the Olsens knew the pool design had to play in important roll in the landscape but also be very functional for how they would use it. It turned out beautiful in so many ways and from so many view points, with the negative edge dropping down into the swimming lane. They wanted a nice place to play and get wet but it was also very important for Karen to have a swimming lane as she likes to swim laps every day. The pool is a very important element in the overall appeal of this great backyard and is very functional for the families daily needs as well.

hometour3The Olsens, Stadler, Acacia Landscapoing, Premier Custom Pools, and Gustavo worked hard in the backyard to maintain the views from all points without cluttering the view with a lot of railings on the main porch. The olsens wanted to have the patio at house level but also have it interact well with the backyard. With the help of Acacia and Premier we were able to create terracing and planters so that most railings could be eliminated,while visually having something very pleasing to look at in all the terracing. An external fireplace was also a key element the Olsens wanted in their backyard but early on we decided to wait until mid-construction to actually place the fireplace and now it has a great location that does not impede the views and is very functional with all the surrounding features of the backyard.

The master suite area turned amazing from the inside out. The Patio has incredible views of the putting green, pool , back courtyard area, the main living areas of the house and of course the 6th fairway, pond, and green. Inside the main master bedroom the Olsens wanted a unique ceiling treatment. We put a beautifully unique spin on a groin vault ceiling to come up with a ceiling we had not done before. The master bath area is stunning. The interior walls were kept below ceiling level that gives the bathroom a very open and light feel. The selections Karen and Rusty made for their bath really bring life to the space and give it tons of personality

Ray Stadler said, “The Olsens were a pleasure to work with. They had great ideas themselves and were true team players. They listened to the advice given by the many professionals involved and were very patience in the process. Everyone knows that custom building can have stress associated with it and Rusty and Karen were great to work with as issues came up that needed to be solved. Their home turned out very nice and we are happy to have them as friends.”

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