Happy Trails (and Parks) To You!

We’re fortunate to have beautiful natural areas in close proximity to Cordillera Ranch. State Parks include Enchanted Rock State Natural Area (Fredericksburg), Lost Maples State Natural Area (Vanderpool) and Guadalupe River State Park. More local to Boerne are the Cibolo Nature Center, City Lake Park, River Road Park and multiple, improved trails connecting many parts of town. Other landmarks include caves and caverns, rivers and lakes, and historical points of interest in San Antonio. We definitely live in one of Texas’ most beautiful regions.

But are you aware of how much nature can be experienced in our own beautiful community of Cordillera Ranch? Since its inception, our owners and developer envisioned a neighborhood that combined world-class amenities and resort-style living with being good stewards of the land. Exclusive of current parks, trails, amenities and open areas, Cordillera Ranch continues to be developed with a goal towards retaining approximately 80 percent of its 8,700 acres in its natural state. The opportunities offered via our 300+ acres of parks, trails and natural areas are numerous and the memorable experiences countless. Following is a helpful summary of the various Cordillera Ranch Property Owners parks within our expansive community.


Pavilion Park (18 acres) – This park near the main entry has a covered pavilion with picnic tables and restrooms. It features a soccer/football field, softball/baseball field, basketball court, volleyball court and play scape, but this open area can be used for virtually all outdoor activities. It’s great for family gatherings, sports-themed parties and family/social/work-related gatherings. Open during daylight hours, but all or part can be reserved through the Cordillera Ranch Property Owners Association (POA).

Guadalupe River Community Park and Swede Creek Park (70 acres) – These two vast parks showcase some of the most beautiful water features in Cordillera Ranch. Surrounded by a cliff-lined amphitheatre, the 5-acre Swede Lake is a wildlife oasis home to a variety of fish and birds. Whether it’s catching a Guadalupe Bass or learning to paddleboard or kayak, the spring-fed waters of Swede Lake offer the perfect scenery for any outdoor recreation. The rest of Swede Creek Park offers peaceful areas to explore this Cypress tree-lined creek or any number of sports in the 15 acres of open fields. The park has also served as an idyllic setting for weddings and other events. 

Follow Swede Creek downstream and you’ll find where its raging force has carved out one of the most beautiful rock features you’ll find anywhere on the Ranch. This 30-foot-plus high limestone wall is a hidden gem worth exploring — it is pure untouched Texas Hill Country. Just around the corner is our Guadalupe River Community Park which provides a great spot to lounge in the refreshing waters of this state treasure or drop your kayak or innertube for a fun ride down the gentle rapids and serene pools found in this stretch of the Guad. There’s simply no better place to unwind and reconnect with family and friends than a few hours cruising down this quiet stretch of river.  

The Swede Creek Park and Guadalupe River Community Park areas are open to property owners during daylight hours but the camp sites can be reserved for overnight camping by calling the POA.  Additionally, for a hassle-free kayaking or tubing trip down the Guad, contact The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch Outfitter at 830.336.GUAD (4823).

Spring Creek Park (12 acres) – This natural area is accessible via a trail system and side street parking. Explore the seasonal flowing creek with crystal clear pools under a canopy of trees. The high rock bluffs and natural grassy areas provide a peaceful escape from the daily rush and it’s also a popular destination for horseback riding.  

Panther Creek Park (3 acres) – Take a stroll along a spring-fed creek, abundant with Cypress trees and palmettos. Study the rock bluffs and outcroppings in this entirely new experience located just beyond the first phase of The Springs.  

Springs Sports Park (5 acres) – Located near the entry of The Springs of Cordillera Ranch, this newest addition to the POA parks will include several multi-use sports fields including football/soccer, baseball/softball and basketball. It also provides trailhead parking for the nearly three miles of trails developed so far in The Springs of Cordillera Ranch which include a completely looped hard-surface trail system.   


Over 10 miles of trails meander through the community. Trails are maintained on a regular basis by the POA. Pedestrian, equestrian and non-motorized bike access are the only allowed activities on our trail system. Descriptions of the three main trail systems to follow can be viewed on the map above.  

1) The Cordillera Trace Trail winds its way through the original 4,200 acres. Starting at Pavilion Park (parking and restroom), it meanders through the Park Ridge area, crosses Cordillera Trace and continues west through Spring Creek Park and on to the Equestrian Center.  

2) The Rio Cordillera Trail starts at Cordillera Trace then follows Falcon Point to our southern community boundary to the Swede Creek and Guadalupe River Parks and continues east to the FM 3351 gate.  

3) The Springs of Cordillera Ranch Trail can be accessed via the new Springs Sports Park on the east side of FM 3351 where parking is available. Explore the newest areas of our community and view the future of Cordillera Ranch through The Springs and down through Panther Creek Park. 

The park and trail map is available at the POA office in the new Visitors Center complex at 28 Cordillera Trace near the Highway 46 entrance to the community. You can also download this map at www.cordilleraranch.com/amenities. 

The beautiful, panoramic Guadalupe River valley view wowed all of us as we came through the front gate for the first time. There’s so much more to see and take in. Get out during this most beautiful time of year and explore this little slice of Heaven for yourself. You’re sure to find new points of interest, river and creek-side reflection areas, stunning view vantage points and a world you didn’t even know existed.   It’s all right here, you just have to look around. Experience our community and get a whole new perspective of this vast back yard we call Cordillera Ranch.

Charlie Hill is the President/COO of DH Investments. Barry Denton is the Director of Real Estate at Cordillera Ranch. Both can be reached at 830.336.3570.


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