GVTC: Your Local Communications Company That Cares About Its Community

GVTC recently upgraded its service to Cordillera Ranch with its world class fiber to the home technology; the best communication network in the industry. Cordillera Ranch residents can now enjoy the same communications services available in a large metropolitan area but in the comfort of their beautiful Cordillera Ranch surroundings.


Through GVTC’s fiber network, customers can experience blazing 80 Mbps/20 Mbps Internet connections, which is the fastest in the Texas Hill Country. GVTC also offers a robust digital cable television package with more than 275 channels, including a growing inventory of high definition and 3D programs. Cordillera residents also get peace of mind with GVTC’s reliable 24/7 security monitoring service. No need to worry about getting a cell connection. GVTC’s dependable phone service gets you a dial tone anytime you need it.


GVTC’s corporate headquarters is located in Smithson Valley, just a few miles east of Cordillera Ranch. The company has another customer store location on Main Street in Boerne. GVTC is proud of its local roots and supports its community in many ways. Most of its philanthropic giving is though The GVTC Foundation. The nonprofit was formed in 2007 and has already donated more than half a million dollars to more than 120 organizations across GVTC’s 2,000 square mile service area. The Foundation focuses its giving to other nonprofits that serve through health and human services, youth programs, volunteer emergency services, education, and cultural programs.


GVTC and the Foundation are very active in helping local students pay for the cost of higher education. This year the foundation is awarding a college-bound student $10,000, through its Ola Armstrong Scholarship. The Armstrong Scholarship is awarded to a teen with an exemplary track record of volunteerism and community involvement. In 2012, GVTC is projecting to award more than $75,000 worth of scholarships to more than 75 students.


The Foundation is funded in part by the generous support of GVTC employees — 88 percent contribute through payroll deduction. Employee pledge contributions for 2012 are $90,215, which GVTC matched dollar for dollar.


GVTC recently established a $250,000 endowment for the Foundation to ensure it will be here to serve future generations of Hill Country residents. Through premier communications services and caring philanthropic support, GVTC will help make life in Cordillera Ranch just plain smart.

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