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One of the most enjoyable things I do as the Director of Golf here at Cordillera Ranch is traveling with some of our members to play and experience some of the best golf courses in the world. This year is no exception as I will be joining 15 members and guests on a trip to Whistling Straits in Kohler, WI. September 10-14. We are looking forward to playing all four of the great courses, including the Blackwolf Run course which recently hosted the U.S. Women’s Open for the second time and the incredible Straits Course which hosted the 2010 PGA Championship and will be the host site of the 2020 Ryder Cup. Before arriving in Kohler, we first will be playing Erin Hills which will be hosting the 2017 U.S. Open. On top of the incredible golf itinerary for this trip, we have something else planned that just really put this trip over the top. The Green Bay Packers are playing the Chicago Bears in an NFL Thursday night prime time game that the group will be attending. Experiencing a game at Lambeau Field has been on the Bucket List for many of our members so having the opportunity to do this is quite exciting. These trips are a wonderful way for me to spend quality time with our members and can be a great bonding experience.

September marks the return of a busy tournament schedule here at the Club. Both the Men’s Senior Club Championship and Ladies Club Championship take place this month. These events have continued to grow in popularity as they are a great way to test your skill as well as a chance to meet some different players that may not be part of your regular group. Both Gross and Net prizes are awarded. Jarratt Jones is the defending champion in the Men’s Senior and has won the event all five times it has been played. Marilyn McGaw played great golf last year to win her third LCC.

The 7th Annual C-Star Member-Guest takes place October 18-20 this year and is the highlight event at the Club each year. Last year we introduced an opening night Putting Party that was a huge hit and we look to build on that again this year. The format will once again be the five 9-hole matches that allow for great camaraderie for everyone playing. Lance Welch and his guest Tim Ping are the defending champions. I hope you will consider playing as there is no better way to showcase the Club and community lifestyle.

As Summer comes to a close, I look back and am very thankful for the timely rains and somewhat mild weather we had the past few months. The golf course is in fantastic shape so please come out and enjoy our spectacular Jack Nicklaus Signature Course.

See you on the course,
Marc DeWall, PGA
Director of Golf, The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch | 830.336.4653

Product Feature

By Marc DeWall

You know there is something special about a golf club when PGA tour players are using it without getting paid to do so. The new Taylor Made Rocketbalz changed the expectations of fairways woods forever. Players are reported to have an increase distance up to 30 yards. There are even certain players who can hit it farther than their driver. What makes it different than other fairway woods? The new Rocketbalz has a speed pocket behind the face of the golf club. The speed pocket creates a trampoline effect which increase ball speed, increase launch angle while reducing spin, the recipe for ultimate distance. Its matte-white finish and larger head are easier to aim and
hit. They come with various loft options for both men and ladies. Stop by the Golf Shop and give it a try to find out what everyone is talking about.

Club Face Position

By Marc DeWall

If your club face is open or closed at the top of your back swing you’ve gotten yourself into a position that is difficult to get out of before impact. A square clubface at the top of the backswing will allow you to fully release the club without hooking or slicing.

At the top of the swing the clubface should be positioned approximately 45 degrees to the ground. If the clubface is too open then the clubface will be vertical from the ground and pointing down. If the clubface is too closed then the clubface will be horizontal from the ground or facing the sky.

It would be ideal for the clubface to be parallel to the left wrist and the left forearm at the top of the golf swing. This will improve the impact position because at impact the left wrist, left forearm and the clubface should match each other.


Hole 2 418 yards Par 4 Hndcp. 3

This issue we have our third installment in a series of articles describing course strategy for some of the best holes at Cordillera Ranch. Hole #2 is certainly one of the best Par 4’s on the course and also one of the most difficult. Five-time Senior Club Champion Jarratt Jones gives a few tips on how to best conquer this hole:

Tee shot should be struck down the right center. Slope of fairway will bring it back to the center or left center. The creek crosses at an angle, shorter on the left. It is 255 yards down the left and 270 down the right. It will play slightly longer. Most players can hit a driver.

Get your yardage for your second, figure your club and then add one. Many holes at Cordillera Ranch, including this one, have shots that force you to judge the wind while being protected by hillsides or trees. Once your approach gets above the trees, it will be significantly affected by the wind, which should be left to right and in your face. The left hillside is friendly, especially for longer shots. The best strategy for this hole is hit into the left center of the green and putt to the hole. If you hit a great tee shot down the right side and are 130 yards or less, you can go at the pin. Beware of the left front pin as anything short will feed back off of the green and down short of the bunker.

If you miss, go left or slightly long. If you find the greenside bunker, make use of the backstop that the hillside provides. Any putt towards the tee is lightning fast. Use extreme caution as this is probably one of the fastest putts you will have all day.

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