“Going Above and Beyond” at the Clubs of Cordillera Ranch

Marc DeWall, General Manager

One of the four “Main Things” The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch strives for is to be the employer of choice in Boerne and San Antonio. By creating a fulfilling, exciting and welcoming environment for our staff (plus the gorgeous views), we aim to create connected relationships with members and each other.

The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch is proud to showcase our wonderful employees and reward them when they go “above and beyond” by creating an environment for our members to make them feel that The Clubs are a “home away from home.” This includes projecting a positive image and energy, being courteous and respectful to all members, demonstrating a consistent ability to go beyond what is expected and/or adding new value to projects and serving as a role model and leader for peers.

One of the ways we recognize our employees is through a program called “C-A-Star in Action.” This program allows members and staff to recognize a team member for going above and beyond by filling out the C-A-Star in Action forms that can be found throughout the Clubhouse, on the member app or the member website (under My Club -> C-A-Star in Action). We then have an Employee Appreciation Committee that meets quarterly to review all of the employees who received a C-A-Star in Action nomination form and choose four winners for that quarter. The four winners are invited to enjoy a lunch at the Clubhouse with owners, David Hill and Charlie Hill, General Manager, Marc DeWall, and Human Resources Admin, Kathi Spink. They also receive a gift card, a certificate recognizing their service dated and signed by Marc DeWall, and a Yeti water bottle with the C-Star logo, their last name and “Outstanding Service” engraved on it. We strongly encourage members to complete these C-A-Star in Action forms as our employees are thrilled to receive the nice messages our members say about them and they are then nominated for “Employee of the Year.”

Speaking of Employee of the Year… Each year, the department heads meet to discuss and review all of the Employees of the Quarter from that year. They then vote on who they believe should be Employee of the Year based on their outstanding service and work, and creating a wonderful experience for our members not just for one quarter, but for the full year. The Employee of the Year is then announced at the Employee Appreciation Party to be recognized by their peers and presented with the “Outstanding Service” award. They are given a Clint Orms bracelet or money clip with the C-Star logo, their initials and “Outstanding Service” all engraved on it.

This year, we are thrilled to congratulate a cook from the Food & Beverage team, Lee Smith, for winning the 2022 Outstanding Service Award! Lee is a true “C-Star” by creating a phenomenal environment not only for his peers and department heads to see, but by always going above and beyond with a positive attitude and demeanor to be sure our members are getting only the best experience every time they dine at the Clubhouse. Congratulations, Lee!

We are so proud to acknowledge our employees who have shown exemplary work for their time at The Clubs and are excited to celebrate their tenure. These employees are given gifts to award their continued dedication. We had four employees last year who have done just that at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch for 15+ years! Our 15+ year employees received customized cowboy boots by Collyn’Rae. They chose their color, material and were fitted for their exact size.

15+ Year Employees

Marc DeWall (General Manager)
Ernie Fernandez (Agronomy)
Jonathan Stevens (Agronomy)
Shane Reynolds (Director of Recreation)

We would also like to recognize our 10+ year employees who have shown a fantastic work ethic and strong commitment to The Clubs! They all received Clint Orms C-Star bracelets or money clips depending on which one they preferred.

10+ Year Employees

Nick Menger (Agronomy)
Vicki Hansen (Accounting)
Jeff Cohen (Food & Beverage)
Carlos Flores (Food & Beverage)

This year, we are thrilled to add another employee to the 10 Years anniversary list. He has not only been an outstanding director for his staff, but an exceptional chef and a welcoming, friendly face for our members. Congratulations, Chef Isaac, for 10 years at The Clubs!

Previous Employees of the Year

Phil Sloan (2015)
Kelsey Guzman (2015)
Vicki Hansen (2015)
Rich Braun (2015)
Andrea Peterson (2016)
Brianna Botine (2017)
Amanda Carlisle (2017)
Dillon Rios (2018)
Patrick Drinkard (2019)
Laura Grudle (2020)
Katie Dillard (2021)

Another way we like to recognize our employees is through Employee Appreciation parties that we host twice a year for our team members and their spouses/families. The first party generally takes place in the summer, and has been held at various spots. Some of the places include TopGolf® in San Antonio, boating and picnics at Canyon Lake, floating down the river in New Braunfels and playing pickleball a Chicken N Pickle®.

Then, in January, we host our winter Employee Appreciation party where we serve dinner, provide entertainment and recognize employees with service awards. All employees have the chance to be awarded a Ranch Hand (minimum three months of service with great attitude and work ethic), Wrangler (minimum six months of service with the characteristics of a Ranch Hand plus going above and beyond in their responsibilities) and Trail Bosses (minimum of one year of service with the characteristics of a Ranch Hand and Wrangler plus being a leader for their peers and showing the ability to work with all of the other departments to ensure a wonderful experience for our members throughout all of The Clubs).

Thank you to all of our employees for making The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch not only an amazing place to work, but continually going above and beyond for our members. And thank you to our members for always giving your support to our team!

Marc DeWall is the General Manager at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at mdewall@cordilleraranch.com and 830.336.9151.

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