Get to Know the Cordillera Ranch Realty Team

In each issue, we spotlight a member of the Realty team to learn what motivates them, personally and professionally.

By Robert Rodriguez

John Kuhry

John Kuhry was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. Golf has been a big part of his life, and family is a bigger part.

Which is why working at Cordillera Ranch, selling those two integral parts of the community, seems like a perfect fit. Kuhry has been a part of the Cordillera Ranch Realty for nearly six years. Before that, he was selling Callaway Golf products to Cordillera Ranch, which is how he familiarized himself with the Club and community.

Whether it’s selling golf clubs or real estate, Kuhry believes you have to be passionate about it. He’s also very passionate about the two most important things in his life — his family and his faith.

What intrigued you to join the Cordillera Ranch Realty team?

I was passionate about golf and I’m passionate about the unbelievable homes, the lifestyle and amenities offered Cordillera Ranch. I love relationships and selling. To me, authenticity is key. If you believe in the product and the process, you don’t feel like you’re fooling anyone. Here, the product and place sell itself. Then it’s a matter of developing a relationship with the prospect, which I enjoy getting to know people. It’s fun to watch people buy or build their dream home, and live out most or the rest of their life at Cordillera Ranch.

Is there one successful sales story that stands out?

A family was living in Maui, and they stumbled upon us about 90 minutes before they had to go back to the airport. They never had heard about Cordillera Ranch and the guy was a big shooter. They told me that they lived in Maui, had acreage and amazing waterfront views, and I’m wondering why they want to leave paradise for Texas. We had that common bond with shooting, and I was able to develop a wonderful relationship with them. To watch their house be completed was exciting. He has a pistol range in his basement (we referred to it as a bowling alley during construction) and he gave me a membership card he created out of metal to his pistol range. I’m member No. 1 at the “bowling alley.” It was one of my first sales and we’re still good friends today, so it means a lot to me.

What’s the most appealing aspect about Cordillera Ranch?

It depends on the individual. Some people come here for the golf; some people come here because they’re equestrian enthusiasts. Some are here for privacy or acreage. It’s hard to pinpoint one thing because there are so many things of value and so many walks of life that come in here. You have your country club people, you have your equestrian people, those who like to shoot, some who do all that. There are so many things you can do out here. That’s what’s really cool about Cordillera Ranch — they’ve thought of everything for their residents and members.

What brought you to Texas?

I was with Callaway Golf in Ohio and the husband of my wife’s twin sister was a TaylorMade rep in Texas. We wanted to be closer to family, so I put in a transfer to Texas and got it. We have been in Texas for nearly 10 years; in fact, we moved into the same neighborhood as my sister-in-law. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Besides golf, I enjoy ping pong, tennis, shooting and being with the family. I’m also passionate about God and love hanging out with my boys and my wife. What brings me the most joy is watching my boys, nephews and nieces all grow up and do some cool things. I want to see them graduate college, get married and have a family. 

Understand you’ve made a couple of holes-in-one. Any on No. 16?

Not yet, but I’ve got three of them — two in Nebraska and one in Ohio. One in Nebraska was at Tiburon Golf Club. A good friend of mine was getting married and we were playing golf prior to his wedding. One guy busted his leg and couldn’t play, so he brought his camera. We were on this par-3, having a good time, and he lays down so he could take a picture of each player as they hit their tee shot. He so happened to get a picture of my hole-in-one. Later, he sent a nice print of it. 

You’ve just won the Masters and in addition to the past winners you can bring three guests to the Champions Dinner. Who would you invite and what would you serve?

My father, my brother and my son. We would serve Big Fred’s pizza from Omaha and my mom’s homemade apple pie for dessert. 

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