Get to Know the Cordillera Ranch Realty Team

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In each issue, we spotlight a member of the Realty team to learn what motivates them, personally and professionally.

Carey Yeager

High expectations, exceptional results.

It’s a mantra Carey Yeager not only adheres to in business, but also in her life. A transplant Texan by way of California and Michigan, Yeager has been with Cordillera Ranch Realty for nearly five years and thrives on helping others, especially when it comes to finding or building their dream home.

She also knows a thing or two about the community and lifestyle she’s selling. Yeager and her husband Art live in Cordillera Ranch and can often be seen either on the golf course or enjoying a nice glass of wine (white for her, red for him). 

We asked Yeager about living and selling Cordillera Ranch, the benefits of client golf and why she lives in the “cookie house.”

How long have you been with Cordillera Ranch Realty, and what were you doing prior to that?

I have been with Cordillera Ranch Realty for nearly five years, and in real estate for 40 years. Most of my professional career was in California — I covered a large geographical area of the state and worked everything from first-time buyers to multi-million-dollar homes. I did it all, and it kept my skills sharp and my sensitivity in-tune to everyone’s needs. The last 15 years in California we lived in Indian Wells and specialized in luxury homes in golfing communities.

What intrigued you to join the Cordillera Ranch Realty team?

When my husband and I moved to Cordillera Ranch, we felt we could contribute to the real estate buying/selling experience and bring something different to the team. My husband also has his real estate license but he’s more behind-the-scenes and when golfing, he is marketing for me.  What I can tell my clients is that I, too, was a buyer in Cordillera Ranch — I know what it’s like from their vantage point throughout the process.

From your unique perspective, what is the most appealing aspect of Cordillera Ranch?

The lifestyle and people. You can build a house anywhere and you can buy a house anywhere, but when you’re coming to Cordillera Ranch, you’re buying a whole lifestyle and that lifestyle is made up by the people. Our people are just so genuine it is refreshing. Many people here have exceeded their life-long goals and have no need to tell you their achievements. They are much more interested in you. 

Do you take full advantage of the Clubs found within the community? 

My husband and I love to play golf. It helps when you play golf with a client because how a home looks from the street is different from how the home looks from the golf course. It also shows how the home is positioned on the property and gives a different perspective. And that positioning can help them if they’re constructing a new home. Even if I have a non-golfer, Art and I will take a cart and drive them around so they can see the houses and the course.

What brought you to Texas?

Art was in the Air Force and his first stop was Texas. He had spent time in Viet Nam and Hawaii and when getting out of the service, chose to return to Texas. Art was transferred in business to California and that is where I met him. I actually sold him a house! Over the years he was in Texas, he made many good friends. Many of those I got to know from ski trips and traveling and golfing together. When we would come to visit our daughter Jennifer and our granddaughters, we found Cordillera Ranch and it “spoke” to us. When we were ready to leave California, Texas was the choice.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Family is all important to me and spending time with our daughter and two granddaughters is something we treasure as life moves on and schedules get busy. I love to read, cook and look forward to more travel. Cooking and baking actually is a way I decompress from the day and fuel creativity. We have built two homes here in Cordillera Ranch and during the process I would bake cookies for all of the people working on our house. It wasn’t until later that I learned from some of the people that I became known as the “cookie lady” who lived in the “cookie house.”

Is there anything on your bucket list you hope to accomplish soon?

Not so much of a bucket list but I do look forward to Art and I doing some traveling when our world returns to some normality. Just like all of us, with this last year I have missed seeing family — both our Texas family as well as my family in Michigan. Luckily, we have had some time, though much less than usual, with our Texas family.

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