Get to Know the Cordillera Ranch Realty Team

Robert Rodriguez

In each issue, we spotlight a member of the Realty team to learn what motivates them, personally and professionally.

Vance Waller

Vance Waller is the poster child for why people move to Cordillera Ranch. While living in Houston and involved in the corporate world, he wanted to settle down in a place that was more laidback, had milder weather and beautiful surroundings.

Once he moved to Cordillera Ranch, Waller decided to do something different — he went to work for the place he lives. Waller provides a unique perspective to his clients in that he went through the process of finding a home within Cordillera Ranch, so he can relate to what they’re going through and the questions and concerns they have, all while giving them the answers and benefits they’re seeking.

The vast and scenic Texas Hill Country views found throughout the community are incredible, but Waller also prefers exploring what’s found beneath the ocean. He’s also known to toy around with some classic cars, and befriended a member of the “Pony Express.”

How long have you been with Cordillera Ranch Realty, and what were you doing prior to that?

Since the summer of 2016. Prior to that, I was an executive in the global consulting and risk management industry. I also owned a property management company and had invested in real estate in Texas for more than 20 years. I was the co-owner and founder of the property management group that operated in Austin and managed a concierge and management company for golf course and lakefront homes. 

What intrigued you to join the Cordillera Ranch Realty team?

I went through the process of working with Cordillera Ranch Realty, selecting a homesite and building a custom home in the community. I learned a lot about the process, and I looked at it both from an emotional standpoint and a business perspective. It made sense to me and was very appealing.

We know there’s no secret sauce to selling real estate, but what is a key to your success?

I can relate to the client. I ask a lot of questions because it’s all about them and how they can reap the benefits of this unique property. I take a very systematic approach and it’s quite simple — every discussion and every meeting that I have with a client is to help them make a good decision. We establish an end in mind for each meeting, and each event is to allow them to decide. The first meeting — is Cordillera Ranch the right place for them? The second one centers on what type of home do they want — a custom-build or an existing home. The following meeting, should they build, is to look at the key features of the different homesites and what works best for what they want. Then we will narrow it down to a few properties that meet their criteria, and then it becomes an emotional decision. Leading up to that point, it’s all business. That final decision is all emotional, and that’s where I step back and let them do what’s right for them.

What’s the most appealing aspect of Cordillera Ranch?

The people here have a common denominator, and it’s not necessarily where they’re from, their passions or their businesses. It’s a common denominator of a relaxed friendship and trust and camaraderie that makes it unique. All the members and residents have come from somewhere else, so it’s a very welcoming atmosphere. There is a very understated atmosphere here where egos are left at the front gate. It’s the most unpretentious community of its type that I’ve seen.

You were born in Connecticut and lived in London for seven years as a youth. What brought you to Texas?

My dad was in the oil and gas business, so we traveled the world. I went to SMU and did graduate work at St. Thomas University in Houston. I was at SMU during the Death Penalty days. I knew Eric Dickerson and Craig James was a fraternity brother of mine. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a classic car enthusiast. Every year I go to several classic car auctions — anything motorized or mechanical is a fascination of mine. I’ve got a three-car garage and I’m running out of room. I’m also a former scuba diving instructor — my son and I are avid scuba divers. We dove a shipwreck in the British Virgin Islands and that was one of our best dives. We’ve also done dives in Hawaii and all over the Caribbean, but BVI was the most exciting dive. I want to dive some more deep shipwrecks off the coast of Florida. There are so many off the coast — some of them are artificial reefs (freighters or shrimp boats) and others are legitimate shipwrecks. 

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