Get to Know the Cordillera Ranch Realty Team

In each issue, we spotlight a member of the Realty team to learn what motivates them, personally and professionally.

By Robert Rodriguez

Charles Mueller

Like most teens in high school, Charles Mueller was eager to get his driver’s license. Unlike most teens in high school, he also was eager to get another license. His real estate license. 

What started out as a small favor for his mom turned into a career for Mueller. The San Antonio native has been with Cordillera Ranch Realty for the past nine years and has seen the community, and surrounding areas, flourish. His resume and career highlights are quite unique — he also dabbled in law (yes, he still has his law license) and experienced firsthand the power of prayer when closing a sale.

Tell us about getting your real estate license in high school.
My mom was a top residential agent in San Antonio — mind you, that was 40 years ago pre-Internet. Back then, you sold houses by putting an open house sign out and people who were interested would visit. If you weren’t having open houses, you weren’t working. My younger sister and I would sit out at these open houses — we would do three on Saturday and three on Sunday. My job was to make sure no one walked out with a TV. When I was in high school, I took some real estate classes — I wasn’t old enough to truly get a license, but no one was there to verify my age. My first sale was to Stanley Rosenberg, a board-certified real estate attorney and former New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson’s right-hand man. Before joining Cordillera Ranch Realty, I was at Bluegreen Communities.

In between high school and now, you were excelling in another profession. Yet, you still had that real estate bug.
I graduated college with a degree in finance. I went to law school, did litigation, and had a general business practice for 11 years. While practicing law, I was buying and selling property at what is now River Mountain Ranch as a hobby. It got to where I was selling more, and it became more fun than going to the courthouse. In 1998, that’s when I got into the land business, but I still have my law license.

What intrigued you to join the Cordillera Ranch Realty team?
Because I owned so many properties on the other half of the ranch, I was aware of Cordillera Ranch and watched it develop over the years. I also developed a friendship with one of the members and one of Cordillera Ranch Realty’s longtime agents. I had worked with [Director of Real Estate Sales] Barry Denton at Bluegreen Communities and joined Cordillera Ranch Realty right after he did. 

Is there one successful sales story that stands out?
I remember working with a young couple who wanted to see a homesite and pray on it. I gave them some water and a plat map, and told them to take all the time you need. Then they asked me to go out with them and asked me where I would position the house. So, we are standing there looking at the beautiful views and next thing I knew, they grabbed my hand and asked if I could lead the prayer. That caught me off-guard because I didn’t have anything prepared. I didn’t start the prayer with “Dear Lord, give this couple the courage and wisdom to purchase this lot,” but I guess the power of prayer worked as they purchased that lot and sent me three of their friends.

What’s the most appealing aspect of Cordillera Ranch?
The lifestyle found here. And open spaces, more so now than ever. A lot of people will want to flock to what we’ve got to offer because they don’t like being stacked on each other in big cities.

You were born and raised in San Antonio. A lot has changed.
I grew up in the Nacogdoches/410 area, and as a kid I would remember these undeveloped fields inside the Loop. And when you got as far out as Boerne, there was nothing there. I never saw the city exploding as much as it has. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m an avid racquetball player and for the past 25 years I was playing every day at the gym at 6:30am (before the pandemic). I have a house on Lake LBJ, so I’m an avid water sports guy. I also had an ultralight float plane for a while.

Let’s say you’re hosting a dinner party. Who would you invite and what would you serve?
My parents, Kevin Hart and Amelia Earhart. We would have crab-tini from Ruth’s Chris, a ribeye (medium) and lobster with lyonnaise potatoes from Perry’s Steakhouse, and crème brulee with fresh berries for dessert.

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