Fall Tournament Recaps

Tournament season was strong in 2020, and November began with the Club’s friendliest rivalry — the Cordillera Cup. This annual tournament pairs Teams Northington and Hill to determine whose flag will fly over the Champions’ Gallery for the following year. The MGA Cup and CWGA Finals followed.

Cordillera Cup

The 2020 Cordillera Cup was held on Saturday and Sunday, November 7-8. This Ryder Cup-style event between Team Northington and Team Hill started in 2007 and is the biggest member event at the Club. Going into this year, Team Northington led with 11 wins to Team Hill’s two victories. Day 1 consisted of a 9-hole fourball match followed by a 9-hole foursome’s match. Team Northington took the lead after the fourball match by earning 14.5 points while Hill only got 8.5 points. Team Hill rallied in the foursome’s match by snatching 15 points to Northington’s 8 giving them a 1-point lead going into singles matches on Day 2. Team Hill was up early in a lot of matches on Day 2 and clinched a demanding victory by winning 27 points over Team Northington’s 19 points in the singles matches. The final tally was Hill 50.5 v Northington 41.5. Team Hill will fly their flag in the Champions’ Gallery for a year and have their name etched into the perpetual trophy for eternity. 


The MGA Cup Final and Fall Stableford Open were held in conjunction on November 7. Bob Curtis was the season long leader going into this final event, but underperformed allowing Mac Northington to lap him and become the 2020 MGA Cup Champion. David Cottrell finished second, falling only 377 points behind Northington. Mac Northington also won the Fall Stableford Open by earning 41 Stableford points which lead to a 2-point victory over Ron Denny and David Dusenbury.

CWGA Finals

The CWGA Championship was reformatted this year to a points race. Ladies had the opportunity to earn points throughout the year in designated points race events. There were four divisions where players independently earned points. In the 18-Hole Gross Race, Yana Dommert was crowned the champion by earning 890 points over the course of the year. Sue Bielstein and Maria Sayers came in a close second, only 215 points behind Dommert. It’s important to note, Sayers was unable to compete in the final race day so Bielstein was crowned second place in the tie breaker. For the 18-Hole Net Race, Mary Callahan captured first place over Jamie Angelich. Mary earned points in all 11 events this year. The 9-Holers also had a Gross and Net division where Kathy Schommer won the Gross Race even though she was unable to compete in the final event. Beverly Carter was crowned Net Champion with a narrow lead of 60 points over Polly Gatto.

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