“Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try.” – YODA

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Cordillera Ranch resident, Deven Agarwal, has spent the last four years in high school, well aware of the special time he was experiencing, and studying really, really hard. 

He is the Valedictorian of the 2021 graduating class at Boerne High School, finishing with a GPA of 110.2 and a very bright future. He was awarded the Dell Scholarship from the University of Texas, as well as full tuition for his first year for graduating as Valedictorian. In his valedictory address, aside from quoting Master Yoda, Deven reminisces about the highlights of his high school days, mentioning Friday Night football games and Whataburger runs. He focusses on overcoming obstacles, encourages his classmates to choose a career that makes them genuinely happy, and stresses the balance between work and play, saying, “I’d like us all to not be afraid to step out of our comfort zones… Whatever you choose to pursue in life, just get after it. It is your life to live, not anyone else’s.” Deven is about to take a step — this fall he heads to UT Austin to pursue a degree in Sports Management. In-between graduation parties and college prep, he took the time to share his thoughts on what benefitted him the most during high school, and what his future goals are. 

Why UT, and why Sports Management?

As a kid, I had always supported UT and hoped to one day be a student there, but I was never sure of the career path I wanted to pursue, and I was unsure as to whether UT would be the best school for me. After doing some research during the summer before my senior year, I decided on Sports Management and when I realized that UT was one of the top schools for this major, I knew that this was for sure the school for me. I chose Sports Management as my area of study because I have always had a passion for sports, and I would love to be able to work in the sports industry. I know that it is important for us to pursue a career we would enjoy, and I could not think of a better career for me than working in the world of sports.

Which subjects prepared you for life after high school?

I would have to say that almost all of my courses in some way prepared me for life after high school. Some of the courses may never be used again by me in the future, but even those have helped me develop a strong work ethic and taught me time management skills. The courses that I will use again in the future, such as AP Government, AP Macroeconomics, AP Statistics and Principles of Business, to name a few, have given me basic pieces of knowledge for me to build upon in the coming years.

If you could create one mandatory course for seniors, what would it be?

One course that I believe should be mandatory for seniors is a financial course that teaches the basics of budgeting, taxes and all things finance. We have a financial math class, but it is an elective. A course on finances would be greatly beneficial to seniors as they are on the verge of heading into the real world where they may have to pay for college or get a job and they should be educated on how to properly handle money so that they will be prepared.

Is there a Boerne High School tradition that you are most proud of?

One Boerne High School tradition that I am proud of is all of the festivities we do for Homecoming. We have a parade, dress-up days, a football game and a post-game dance, and all of these events are inclusive to the entire school. What I love about what we do for our Homecoming is that we unite the whole school and make it a fun event that all students can partake in and enjoy.

What extracurricular activities did you participate in that benefitted you?

I would say the two extracurriculars that benefitted me the most were Varsity Tennis and Student Council. I loved playing on the tennis team at Boerne High School because it allowed me to fulfill my competitive spirit and it helped me befriend other students from all grades. Tennis allowed me to be a leader, as I was team captain my senior year, and it strengthened me both physically and mentally. I was a member of the Boerne Student Organization, which helped connect me to volunteer at various places around the city of Boerne. Serving as a member of the Boerne High School Student Council my senior year was also especially beneficial. My time in that organization allowed me to grow my leadership and relationship skills, both of which are vital for my career path.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I think the accomplishment I am most proud of is reaching the UIL 4A State Finals for team tennis this past fall. While we were in lockdown for most of last summer, me and my teammates would go play tennis every day, as we knew we had a shot to go to State and potentially win the State Title. With this in mind, we trained and worked hard every day, but we were unsure whether we would get to play in the fall due to the pandemic, and I constantly questioned whether our hard work was for nothing. The fact that we actually got to play and see our hard work pay off is why I am so proud that we were State Finalists in UIL 4A Team Tennis.

What challenges excite you the most in your life right now, and why?

I would say one challenge that excites me a little bit is that I am going to a school where I won’t know a lot of people and I will have to make new friends, which is kind of scary but I’m also excited to meet new people and find those who share the same interests as myself.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’m not quite sure where I’ll be in 10 years, but I hope that I will be working in some area of the sports industry, hopefully on the verge of a big-time position. I also hope that I will have healthy relationships with friends and family while I am on my own.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

There are two big pieces of advice that I have received: (1) chase a career that you will genuinely enjoy and (2) know how to work hard while still enjoying life and having fun.

Will you share advice for current high school students? 

The best piece of advice I can offer to high school students is to live in the moment and enjoy high school. These four years will fly by, so it’s important to enjoy it while it lasts because you will miss it once it’s all over.

Before you leave for college, how are you planning on spending your summer?

I plan on spending my summer hanging out with my friends and enjoying my last moments as a teenager. Most of my friends are all going to different schools across the country, so I just want to enjoy these last few months with them before we head to different schools in the fall.

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