Disc Golf at Cordillera Ranch

Andrew Guzman

Disc Golf was invented in the mid-70’s in Los Angeles, California by a man named Ed Headrick. Ed was Vice President of a company called Wham-O®, which owned and manufactured the Frisbee®. Since Frisbee was registered with the company he worked for, he coined the term Disc Golf to avoid trademark issues.

During the past two years when a pandemic forced us indoors, everyone was dying for a way to get outside safely. A lot of people around the country discovered a solution: Disc Golf. The game comprises a Frisbee-like disc and Disc Pole Holes placed around an open or wooded course. In the game, players throw a disc, attempting to land the disc in the chained basket of a Disc Pole Hole in as few throws as possible. As an inexpensive outdoor activity, it’s easy to see why so many people flocked to the sport when looking for something to do that was safe during a time when proximity was an issue.

Around the world there are hundreds of Disc Golf Courses designed to use the landscaping of public parks or natural areas to create challenging tracks for players. At Cordillera Ranch, there was an interest in highlighting our gorgeous parks while paying homage to our membership’s love of golf so we have decided to create our very own Disc Golf Course. The first will be a nine-hole course at Swede Creek Park. This course will wind along the Bald Cypress-lined creek and blend into the natural environment with a few tight wooded fairways and others with wide open shots to the basket. This course will be installed in the spring of 2022. Disc sets will be available for rent to Club members at the Outfitter Center and all property owners will have access to the course. The second nine-hole course will be installed at Panther Creek in The Springs, and a construction timeline will be introduced in the future.

We are excited to bring this growing sport to our members and property owners at Cordillera Ranch. The Ranch’s beautiful parklands and natural Hill Country landscapes will serve as a backdrop for a relaxing time spent in the outdoors. Our courses will be installed with tee pads and disc catcher baskets and will blend into the environment. Disc golf is a great family activity that can be enjoyed by young, old, inexperienced or seasoned players, and we hope everyone will give it a try. For more information, contact Shane Reynolds.

Shane Reynolds is the Outdoor Recreation Director and Outfitter at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at outfitter@cordilleraranch.com and 210.616.6051.

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