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In the world of spirits, bourbon has always held a special place. Its rich history, distinct flavors and meticulous craftsmanship have captivated enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. As the pursuit of exceptional bourbon intensifies, an elite group of aficionados known as the “MOB” (Men of Bourbon) of Club Membership has emerged, embarking on a quest to acquire rare and allocated bourbons. In this article, we delve into the realm of rare bourbons, uncovering hidden gems and shedding light on our endeavors to curate an unparalleled collection of these prized elixirs.

Mike McClellan, Director of Food and Beverage

We understand there is a select group of whiskey enthusiasts dedicated to the appreciation and collection of rare bourbons. It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of some exceptional and allocated bourbons at the Club, exclusively for your enjoyment.

Rare bourbons possess an irresistible allure, drawing whiskey enthusiasts from far and wide. They are limited in production, often released in small batches or as single-barrel offerings, making them highly sought after. These elusive spirits command attention not only for their scarcity but also for the unique flavors and exceptional quality that distinguish them.

At Twin Sisters Bar, we have made it our mission to bring you the finest selection of allocated bourbons available in the market. Through our extensive network and unwavering dedication, we have navigated the intricate landscape of the bourbon industry, forging relationships with distilleries and experts to gain access to limited-edition releases and allocated bottles.

The hunt for rarity is a journey we undertake on your behalf. Our team leaves no stone unturned in our pursuit of elusive bourbon treasures. We are committed to securing coveted bottles that were previously out of reach, ensuring that they find their way into our collection at Twin Sisters Bar. We leverage our collective influence and deep industry connections to make these exceptional bourbons available exclusively for our Club Membership.

Here is a glimpse of some of the allocated bourbons we have recently secured for our collection at Twin Sisters Bar, and some more we are pursuing:

Have Secured:

1. Old Forester Birthday Bourbon: Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is an annual limited-edition release by the Old Forester distillery to celebrate the birthday of founder George Garvin Brown. Each year, a unique batch is created, and it is highly anticipated by bourbon enthusiasts. The bourbon is typically aged for around 12 years and is known for its rich and complex flavors.

2. Blanton’s Single Barrel: Blanton’s is often credited as the first single barrel bourbon ever commercially released. It is known for its distinctive bottle shape with a horse and jockey on the stopper. Each bottle of Blanton’s is drawn from a single barrel, which contributes to the uniqueness of each batch. The bourbon is highly regarded for its smoothness, rich flavors and balance.

3. Boss Hog Sirens’ Song: Boss Hog is a limited-edition whiskey series by WhistlePig, and Sirens’ Song is one of the expressions in this collection. It is a high-proof, single-barrel, straight rye whiskey that is aged and finished in select wine casks. The Boss Hog series is known for its bold flavors and unique aging techniques.

4. Woodford Master Collection: Woodford Reserve releases an annual limited-edition Master Collection that explores various aspects of bourbon production and aging. Each release showcases different techniques, grain combinations or barrel finishes. The Master Collection offers whiskey enthusiasts an opportunity to experience Woodford Reserve in distinctive and experimental ways.

5. Kentucky Owl Confiscated: Kentucky Owl Confiscated is a small-batch bourbon crafted by the Kentucky Owl brand. It is a blend of hand-selected bourbons that were “confiscated” by the government during Prohibition. The brand revived the name and created this expression to pay homage to its history. Kentucky Owl Confiscated is known for its rich flavors and smoothness.

6. Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch 12: Kentucky Owl releases limited batches of bourbon, and Batch 12 is one of their sought-after offerings. Each batch is carefully crafted, and Batch 12 is known for its unique flavor profile, often characterized by rich notes of caramel, spice and oak.

7. Kentucky Owl Takumi: Kentucky Owl Takumi is a highly limited and exclusive release by Kentucky Owl. It is crafted under the expertise of their master blender, showcasing their highest level of craftsmanship. Takumi is renowned for its complexity, depth and exceptional quality.

In pursuit of:

1. Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve: Pappy Van Winkle is perhaps the most renowned and sought-after bourbon brand. They produce a range of aged bourbons, including the highly coveted Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve, known for its rich flavors and scarcity.

2. Buffalo Trace Antique Collection: The Buffalo Trace Antique Collection includes five limited-edition bourbons released annually. These bourbons, such as George T. Stagg, William Larue Weller and Eagle Rare 17 Year Old, are known for their exceptional quality and limited production runs.

3. Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch: Four Roses releases an annual limited edition small batch bourbon that is highly regarded for its flavor profile and rarity. Each year, they create a unique blend using select barrels from their inventory.

4. Michter’s 20-Year-Old: Michter’s is known for its high-quality whiskies, and their 20-year-old bourbon is one of the rarest offerings. It is aged for two decades, resulting in a complex and sought-after spirit.

5. Old Rip Van Winkle: Old Rip Van Winkle is another esteemed bourbon brand known for its limited production. Their 10-, 12-, 15- and 23-year-old expressions are highly sought after by collectors and whiskey enthusiasts.

6. Willett Family Estate: Willett Family Estate produces small-batch, single-barrel bourbons that have gained a reputation for their rarity and quality. These bourbons are often released in limited quantities and are highly regarded by whiskey connoisseurs.

7. Booker’s Limited Edition: Booker’s, part of the Jim Beam Small Batch Collection, occasionally releases limited-edition bourbons that showcase unique flavor profiles and higher proof levels. These batches are highly sought after by bourbon enthusiasts.

Please note that this list represents just a fraction of the allocated bourbons we will have at Twin Sisters Bar. Our collection will continue to evolve as we acquire new and exciting additions. Each bottle is carefully selected to offer you a unique and exceptional tasting experience.

Once we procure allocated bourbons, an extraordinary journey of tasting and exploration begins at the Twin Sisters Bar. Our team of bartenders, who will become experts in their own right, will meticulously evaluate each bottle, discerning the nuances of flavor, aroma and craftsmanship that set these exceptional spirits apart. They will guide you through the curated collection, sharing their wealth of knowledge and insights to help you find the perfect pour that suits your discerning palate.

As the Club Membership’s collection grows, we have begun curating the “Cordillera Legacy Collection” — a showcase of the extraordinary and allocated bourbons. This collection will stand as a testament to our dedication and passion for preserving the heritage and artistry of bourbon-making. Every bottle added to this collection tells a story and becomes a part of the legacy we will be able to share with the bourbon enthusiasts.

We know the Club Membership represents a community of devoted bourbon enthusiasts on an unrelenting quest to acquire and appreciate rare and allocated bourbons. Twin Sisters Bar, offering exclusive access to these exceptional spirits, elevates the art of bourbon appreciation. As we continue to uncover hidden gems and expand our collection, we are excited to embark on this journey with you, sharing the beauty and allure of rare bourbons.

Join us at Twin Sisters Bar and indulge in the exquisite world of bourbons that awaits you.

Mike McClellan

Michael McClellan is the Director of Food and Beverage. He can be reached at and 210.717.2146.

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