Couples Golf and The Masters Highlights of Spring

Couples Golf

The Couples Putting Tournament was first introduced in February of 2020. The first year, we had a great turnout and laid the groundwork for a new Cordillera Ranch tradition. The 2021 iteration was originally scheduled for Saturday, February 13, but had to be rescheduled due to the wicked winter storm that swept across Texas. A new date of Saturday, March 13 was scheduled.  We were afraid the date change might decrease participation since it fell the weekend after spring break, but we were delighted to maintain a full field!

This event fits nicely into the mixed play category of our golf programming for Cordillera Ranch members. Couples golf is a growing category at our Club and this event is a great way to start the spring season. Our goal is to create a fun and laid-back environment so couples can enjoy socializing with friends, being outside and play a non-intimidating form of golf. The day kicked off with Andrea and Alex serving cocktails out of the beverage carts in our staging area to set the tone, and we headed out for 18-holes of putting. Each green on the golf course was setup with tee markers and the 108-player field was paired in groups of six (three couples per group). The non-intimidating part comes from just putting — we had more than a handful of ladies out that don’t play golf but enjoyed just putting!

After the round, we gathered on the Cabana Patio for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. While the focus is having a good time, there’s a little competition mixed in there, too. Our reigning champions, Steve and Cathy Stroud, finished second this year as they were bested by James and Maria Sayers who shot an even par 36.

As I mentioned above, we have four categories of golfers to serve with our events — men, ladies, couples and juniors. Our men’s, ladies’ and junior events have been very successful, and we’re excited to grow our couples programming. In addition to the Couples Putting Tournament, the Club will be hosting Couples Days throughout the year. The formats will change each time — some will be a little more competition-focused and others will highlight the social side.

Azalea Invitational

There are thousands of Magnolia Lanes in the United States, but for golfers, we only think of Magnolia Lane at Augusta National. This famed Magnolia Lane is basically just a 330-yard driveway lined with 61 magnolia trees on both sides, but to golfers it represents so much more. This mythical driveway leads to the Founders Circle which is in front of the Augusta National clubhouse. It’s hard to describe why it’s so different than any other driveway, you feel like you’re entering a different world. Cell phones are not allowed and golf is the only thing anyone can think about. It truly is a special place and ignites intense feelings in a golfer’s heart.

At Cordillera Ranch, we host our little taste of the Masters with the Azalea Invitational every year. Our ‘driveway’ is 6,512 yards that includes breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country as you meander down Cordillera Trace. This year we had 26 teams of four (104 players) in the field. Each team picked two players from the Masters field and their players’ Friday scores were added to the team’s two best net balls to create the team score.

The team of Dustin Noles (member), Brian Vest, Bryan Hjelm and Cory Ayers took the title with a total of 34-under par. Not only did Dustin and the boys carry their end of the load, their Masters players, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth, didn’t disappoint. The team shot 25-under in the best two balls format, JT shot 5-under, and Spieth carded 4-under. 

Corey Roberson is the Director of Golf at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at or 830.336.4653.

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