Cordillera Ranch Parks & Trails

Cordillera Ranch offers over twenty miles of walking trails and nearly one hundred acres of park land. The walking trails offer a unique opportunity to explore Cordillera and the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Though the trails interconnect, for this article they’re segmented into three systems spread across the vast acreage that is Cordillera Ranch.  

Kevin Koether, POA General Manager

The Cordillera Trace Trail starts at the far west side of the Ranch at the Equestrian Center and ends approximately six miles later at the Pavilion Park adjacent to Park Ridge. The Cordillera Trace Trail is a favorite of our equestrians. The Trace Trail runs parallel to Cordillera Trace for a majority of the length; however, it cuts across Horseshoe Bend and features two unique breakaways leading to Spring Creek as well as the Spring Creek Nature Area. The Spring Creek Nature Area is twelve acres of natural creek bed with fantastic rock formations and magnificent trees, which provide an abundance of shade. Continuing down Cordillera Trace over the rolling hills, the trail intersects with the Rio Cordillera Trail at the intersection of the two roads. Trace Trail breaks away from the roadway, moving through native landscape, eventually crossing Park Ridge and turning left to outlet onto Valley Knoll. The trail picks back up further down Park Ridge, again moving through the native area and eventually ending at the Pavilion Park, which offers the use of Cordillera Ranch’s covered pavilion equipped with multiple picnic tables and restroom facilities. The park also has a baseball diamond alongside our soccer fields, which are available to all Property Owners. The parking lot at Pavilion Park is also equipped with a basketball goal for those of you wanting to practice your midrange jump shot. The pavilion is available to rent and is regularly used for birthday parties, club meetings and other social gatherings.  

The Rio Cordillera Trail offers more native terrain than the Cordillera Trace Trail, running five miles from the intersection of Cordillera Trace and Rio Cordillera all the way to FM 3351. The Rio Trail begins by running parallel to Rio Cordillera for a short distance then turns down Falcon Point. At the Falcon Point cul-de-sac, the trail breaks right heading back into the native vegetation, through some majestic oaks and returning out onto Legacy Pointe. The trail moves along Legacy Pointe and then turns right on Swede Creek, eventually crossing over Rio Cordillera and onto Swede Canyon. Heading down Swede Canyon a short distance, the entrance to South Park Road opens to the left. The Rio Trail moves through the beautiful twenty-plus acres of the Swede Creek Park, which offers an amazing landscape that includes five individual camping locations equipped with grills, fire pits, picnic tables and trash receptacles. Property Owners are able to reserve campsites by emailing the POA office at Along with the campsites, Swede Creek Park has a fishing pond and access to the Guadalupe River. The river entrance has a natural parking area along with campsite number five being located at the top of the hill. Swede Creek Park is regularly occupied by Property Owners walking with their dogs, hikers and those hoping to land that fish that always seems to get away. The park is also home to the fantastic Pico-Boo Halloween event that is coming up on its seventh year running. The Rio Cordillera Trail then follows Rio Cordillera all the way to FM 3351.  

The Springs Trail is currently over nine miles in length and growing, starting at the Springs Sports Park and traversing all the way to Panther Creek. The Springs Sports Park hosts a baseball diamond, soccer field and basketball goals. The park is bordered with numerous trees blocking a majority of the sightline and sounds of FM 3351. The Springs Trail splits off in three directions: one heading along Cordillera Springs, one cutting through a small amount of native vegetation out-letting onto the Marigold Circle cul-de-sac and the third trail winding its way through our native Juniper and Oak trees ending at the Vaquero Pass cul-de-sac. The trail meanders its way along Cordillera Springs, turning left and heading to Ledgestone Trail as well as a long branch moving through to Landmark Ridge. The Trail will continue along Monterey Trail; however, please note the Trail is not currently in place. With Cordillera Springs continuing to develop, the current plan is to continue adding more trails as we move forward.  

We ask that all Property Owners and their guests respect the beauty and natural habitat that lies within Cordillera Ranch. While using the trail systems, please refrain from littering as well as moving off the trail as you might be entering private property. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail systems as we wish to preserve the safety of all those using the trails. Cordillera Ranch rules also state that dogs must always remain on a leash on the trails. The trails are a fantastic opportunity to observe our local wildlife such as our whitetail and axis deer, wild turkeys, foxes and you might even catch a glimpse of a roadrunner or two. Please ensure to be mindful of your surroundings while utilizing the trails. Equestrians actively utilize the trails as well so please limit loud noises while walking on the trails so as not to startle any horses or the riders.

The Cordillera Ranch Maintenance and Grounds Team work diligently to ensure that the trails are maintained properly while also respecting the native nature of the trails. If you happen to see something such as a tree that has fallen across part of the trail or an area washing out, please contact the POA office with the location. If you are able to send a picture, that is even more helpful.

If you wish to reserve the Pavilion, campsites or any of the athletic fields, please reach out to the POA office and we will be happy to help guide you through the process. Reservation requests must be submitted no later than 72 hours prior to the event so that the POA team can ensure any necessary gate codes are programmed, the guards are made aware of the reservations and a site walk can be performed prior to the event.  

Kevin Koether is the POA General Manager at Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at and 830.336.3501.

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