Construction Ahead! Use Caution.

By Charlie Hill

Rio Cordillera / FM 3351 Entry Development Update:

If you’ve driven through the Rio Cordillera / FM 3351 intersection recently you’ve probably seen some staking around that intersection and noticed all of the construction work ongoing at The Springs of Cordillera Ranch. As part of the plans to develop a new landscaping entry at The Springs of Cordillera Ranch, the developer is also electing to invest in upgrades to the existing entry at Rio Cordillera and FM 3351.

Over the next few months, the developer will be undertaking significant entry landscaping, wall, signage and other upgrades to the entry at Rio Cordillera and FM 3351. Some of the work includes the addition of landscaping berms that will help this entry mirror the planned berms that will be final shaped across FM 3351 at The Springs of Cordillera Ranch entry. These berms will intersect through some of the existing walls and there will be columns added south and north of the existing entry (and the future Springs entry) which will serve to provide better notice to traffic on FM 3351 of the upcoming community intersection. There will also be new walls, landscape lighting and signage added at the existing Rio Cordillera entry.

These upgrades to the existing Rio Cordillera intersection will provide a great enhancement to this arrival point into Cordillera Ranch which will someday in the future be a core location of the community, as it continues to grow east through The Springs. I want to reiterate that NO Cordillera Ranch Property Owners Association funds are being used for this enhancement project; it is 100% funded by the developer.

This overall entry landscaping, wall, and signage project began in early June and will take approximately four to five months to complete, weather permitting. We have included some plans and renderings of these upgrades.


POA Maintenance Facility and Outfitter Center Construction Update:

Over in the same area, you might have seen the construction access road going north off of Rio Cordillera just inside the gate at FM 3351. That is the new POA Maintenance Facility and Clubs Outfitter Center construction project, which broke ground in late May. This project is expected to be complete in late 2016.

The new POA Maintenance Facility will greatly improve the POA staff’s operational setup and ability to maintain and store vehicles and equipment. The Clubs Outfitter Center will be located on an adjacent site and will provide the Clubs Outfitter staff convenient access to the Edge Falls Guadalupe River pick-up spot and also more storage for kayaks, tubes, fishing gear and other river and outfitter gear. It also includes plans for future outdoors gear goods and merchandise.

With all of this construction activity in that area, PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND USE CAUTION as you come and go through the Rio Cordillera / FM 3351 entry point to Cordillera Ranch. Included are renderings of the new entry plans with locations of the new Maintenance Facility driveway access point.


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