Congratulations Class of 2022

High School graduates in Cordillera Ranch share their plans for the future.

Gavin Bovone

Son of Kim and John Bovone

High School: Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, CA

College: Southern Methodist University

Why did you choose SMU? I chose SMU because of its challenging academic opportunities and its beautiful campus. I’m also excited to experience the city of Dallas. 

What career are you pursuing?  I’m looking forward to pursuing a career in economics and data science.

Any other plans for the future? I hope to get to know Cordillera’s Class of ‘22 members when my family moves there full time in 2023. Congratulations to my fellow graduates!

Georgia Busbee

Daughter of Lianne and Jon Busbee

High School: Boerne High School   

College: Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA

Why did you choose WLU? I chose Washington and Lee because of the unique campus culture and the opportunities Washington and Lee provides after graduation. The university also encourages a wide variety of study abroad third semesters.

What career are you pursuing? Law

Any other plans for the future? I would like to work, travel and run a marathon. 

Ryan Carson

Son of Amy and Jeff Carson

High School: Boerne-Samuel V. Champion High School

College: Texas Tech University School of Architecture

Why did you choose Tech? I chose Tech for the Architecture program and degree plan.

What career are you pursuing? A career in architecture with a focus on suburban architecture and I hope to own my own firm one day.

Any other plans for the future? I love playing Jazz music with my sax. I hope to continue playing in a Jazz band on the weekends. I also love scuba diving and Jeep 4-wheeling in Moab.

Harrison Hellmann

Son of Courtney and Gary Hellmann

High School: TMI Episcopal/Texas Military Institute of San Antonio

College: Louisiana State University

Why did you choose LSU? With my desire to study business, the Ourso College of Business at LSU won me over with their continued success, excellence and educational offerings. I also look forward to enjoying the culture and people of Louisiana. I am fortunate to be a legacy as my mother was a graduate of the LSU Class of 1999.

What career are you pursuing? Service Business Owner/Operator

Any other plans for the future? I am an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing and watersports, and will continue pursuing those hobbies. I also enjoy serving my community through projects and events, and will continue to do so wherever I am.

I would like to thank Cordillera Ranch and The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. It has been a privilege to grow up in Cordillera where I have had the opportunity to participate in so many experiences and activities, and develop my love for the game of golf. I also deeply value how our neighborhood maintains stewardship of the land, natural resources and wildlife. Cordillera is filled with wonderful people who have supported me, prayed for me and who I consider family. Thank you.

William (Will) Garrett Keith

Son of Amy and Fred Keith

High School: Boerne High School

College: The University of Texas in Austin

Why did you choose UT Austin? I was born in Austin, wanted to stay in state and want to study at a school that has an outstanding engineering school. Hook ‘em!

What career are you pursuing? I plan to study electrical and computer engineering, in order to cultivate a career in computer and software development.

Any other plans for the future? I would like to work with Automotive Design and Engineering and have more time to spend on restoring my 1990 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

Chase Nash

Son of Cristy and Brannon Nash

High School: Boerne High School

College: Abilene Christian University

Why did you choose ACU? Abilene Christian has always been one of my top choices because my parents met there and it will help me grow in my faith.

What career are you pursuing? I will be pursuing a degree in Business.

Any other plans for the future? I am interested in entrepreneurship, working alongside my dad and starting my own business.

Christopher Robishaw

Son of Kristi and Paul B. Robishaw

High School: Memorial High School in Houston, TX

College: Texas A&M University

Why did you choose A&M? Texas A&M has a great campus environment.

What career are you pursuing? I am excited to study business there and be part of the 12th Man.

Any other plans for the future? After earning my Aggie degree, I would like to attend law school. My other interests include enjoying outdoor activities, especially golf and fishing.

Tyler Syring

Son of Ronda and Jim Syring

High School: Geneva School of Boerne

College: Texas A&M University

Why did you choose A&M? It is close to home and it has a good engineering program.

What career are you pursuing? Something in the field of aviation.

Any other plans for the future? Keep flying, playing golf….

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