Compliments to the Equestrian Center Team!

Photo L-R: Jenn Guidt, Jake Panknin, Jordan Adams, Meghan Moriarty, Jesus Jimenez, Hannah Wittig

Shane Reynolds, Outdoor Recreation Director and Outfitter

The team at the Equestrian Center, led by manager Jenn Guidt, has been getting rave reviews from members. We want to recognize their service, and thank the members who took the time to show their appreciation.

Submitted By:
Trish Stahl

“Please consider this special recognition recommendation for the extraordinary efforts by the Outfitter and Equestrian staff to prepare for the recent C-Star event. In addition to their full-time care of the horses, buildings, trails, pastures and grounds, this team multiplied their efforts to trim trees, mow and re-mow areas, spread caliche, cordon off parking and prepare the arena for the bull riding event. These extra jobs were monumental!

First, Jenn Guidt communicated to the Equestrian Center members what was being done, areas to avoid and appropriate times for riding. Everyone knew what to expect for their horses, parking and access.

Weeks of preparation included grooming the pastures, felling dead trees, trimming limbs and removing debris. At least one horse required medical attention in the days immediately prior to the big event. Jenn and her team quickly identified the issue and began measures to heal and save this horse!

The staff you have working at the Equestrian Center are not only hard-working and horse savvy, but they are also pleasant and helpful! The atmosphere and attitude at the barn are welcoming and warm.  

In summary, I would like to recognize Jenn Guidt, Jordan Adams, Meghan Moriarty, Hannah Wittig, Jesus Jiminez and Jake Panknin for their everyday great work as well as their extraordinary efforts to make the C-Star event a success, while allowing safe access to the equestrian members and caring for all the horses!”

Submitted By:
Pam Thompson

“I just wanted to let y’all know how THANKFUL I am to have Jenn Guidt as our Equestrian Center manager. My reasons are too long for a C-Star note so this is being sent. Some of the reasons include:

• Communication – Jenn has markedly improved the communication between management and the boarders. She sends out emails on a regular basis. She met with boarders to discuss any ideas, concerns etc., and was very open and receptive!

• Friendly – Jenn always has a smile on her face for everyone! She maintains a positive attitude and it is infectious!

• Horse Care – Jenn is trained and very knowledgeable about caring for our horses. She goes way above and beyond when a boarder has a sick or injured horse — administering first aid, communicating with veterinarians, noticing when something “isn’t right” with a horse and calls the owner to discuss in a timely fashion.

• Maintenance – Jenn has implemented a much-improved maintenance program around the Equestrian Center — keeping with up tree trimming, fly control, trail maintenance, mowing, repairs of years-long broken items and organized parking.

• Events – Jenn has organized and participated in horse trips and activities with the other horse enthusiasts in Cordillera and we LOVE it!  

• Horse Feed – Jenn noticed a problem in the way the horses were looking on the current feed and brought in the Purina team to look at the horses, talk with interested boarders and changed over the feed program to best suit our particular horse. 

• Staff – We now have a great staff that Jenn seems to work really well with and they treat us and our beloved horses with care and concern. Jenn is at Equestrian Center most every day. Her broad equine experience coupled with her upbeat attitude, deep concern for the horses and hard work is a true blessing to those of us who board at Cordillera.”

Shane Reynolds is the Outdoor Recreation Director and Outfitter at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at and 210.616.6051, or at the Cordillera Ranch Outfitter Center at 830.336.4823.

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