College Days

Of all the memorable times in one’s life, few may be more memorable than the start of another school year. Can you remember your first day of grade school? Junior High? Were you a blossoming flower your freshman year of high school? Maybe the BMOC (Big Man on Campus) by the end of those four years? Those memories may be pushed a little deeper into the recesses of our minds, but it’s hard not to remember the college years. As the “back to school” season is upon us, we reached out to the Cordillera Ranch property owner or memeber, in hopes that you’d share a little about those formative years that helped you hone your abilities into what you desired to be, what you ultimately became.

So take a deep breath, pull out your #2 pencils and take good notes on your peers who were candid enough to share info about where they went, why they went there and what their experiences were before life brought them to the ultimate playground on the campus of Cordillera Ranch!

From our 130 respondents here are some interesting facts and figures…
65% Went to college in Texas
30% Went to The University of Texas
13% Went to Texas A&M

74 Different schools were referenced
24 Different schools in Texas
28 States and 4 different countries (US, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom)

Cambridge, Massachusetts (Harvard; Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to Cambridge, England (University of Cambridge)
Oxford, Ohio (University of Miami) to Oxford, Mississippi (Ole Miss)
Lexington, Kentucky (University of Kentucky) to Lexington, Virginia (Washington & Lee)

Closest  to Cordillera Ranch– University of Texas at San Antonio
Farthest from Cordillera Ranch – University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England

Military Affiliations
US Air Force Academy
US Naval Academy
US Army (Texas A&M Corps of Cadets)
US Coast Gard (The Citadel)
US Marine Corps (Western Illinois University)

Selection Process
Programs offered – 38
Tradition/Reputation – 25
Scholarship/Affordability – 25
Proximity to home – 21
Friends/Family – 10
Athletics – 10
Others combined – 10

Quotable/Interesting Experiences or Traditions?
Jamie Cox (U.S. Naval Academy) – “Oh God!  You wouldn’t believe it if I told you!”
Jim McGregor (Auburn)– “Saw Bear Bryant & Alabama get defeated by Auburn.”
Aaron Eppert (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) – “I was a member of a team that wired a soda machine to the Internet.”
Jamie Amerman (Ole Miss) – “Tailgating in the Grove before a football game!”
Russell Van Hellen (Texas A&M) – “From the outside you can’t understand it, from the inside you just can’t explain it.”
Damon Christofilis (Texas A&M) – “P LEEZ!”
Barry Colacurci (Nebraska) – “Are you kidding???  GO HUSKERS!  Look for our Husker flag flying on Park Ridge every game day… stop in for a “RED” beer!”
Todd Hughes (TCU) – “Applied for and was selected to manage the first student managed investment fund in the US.”
Larry Risley (SUNY) – “None that I would make public!”

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