Camping at the Cordillera Ranch Parks

New Service Offered by the Club

By Shane Reynolds  ::  Photography by Kelsey Grudle

One of the greatest amenities that Cordillera Ranch has to offer is its parks and trail system that include access to the Guadalupe River and the spring fed creeks on the Ranch. Neighboring Swede Creek Park and the Guadalupe River Park have five campsites, each equipped with a picnic table, bar-b-q pit, fire pit and trash can. All Cordillera Ranch property owners and Club members may reserve these campsites through the Property Owners Association.  

Starting in the fall of 2020, the Clubs’ Outfitter will offer a full line of camping gear to rent and a full-service campsite setup and strike service for our Club members. 

Have you ever considered camping at the park? Why should you take your family camping? Camping with family is a great way to re-connect with each other through a shared experience. When parents go to work and kids go to school on a daily schedule, family members experience separate realities. But sharing the same tent on a family camping trip has a way of uniting and strengthening family bonds. Here are a few reasons to go camping.


Use camping as an excuse to get away from work, school and technology to focus on family. Limit your use of screen time on smartphones, TVs and computers to cut back on distractions, and turn to each other to supply the entertainment. Statistics show that teens like to camp because they see their parents relaxing. Playing physical campground games like corn hole and washers will help the effects of the daily grind fade away. Find fun things to do and immerse yourself in the company of family.


Bring generations of family together at a campsite at Cordillera Ranch. Grandparents want to join in the family camping fun, too! Book a campsite in the park to create a fun night and family gathering. If camping is not an option for them, grandparents can stay in one of our Lodges at the Club while the kids and parents sleep in a tent. During the day, enjoy activities together or split off for an all-boy’s outing and a girl’s-only adventure.


A simple change of environment can create a fresh perspective. Depend on family members to help navigate the new experience — you really don’t have to go far away to try something new. Simply get to know the natural beauty of Cordillera Ranch in your own neighborhood. The sounds at night outside will certainly be a thrill and experience for the kids!  


Ever wonder what nature is up to while you’re busy at home? Take the time to get outside with your family to appreciate what’s happening around you. Quietly observe animals in their natural habitats. Sit on camp chairs and take in a sunset and the sparkling night sky from a campsite. Feel the natural cool air of a fall or winter morning against your skin. Let the outdoors invigorate your senses.


Grandparents and parents have tons of knowledge to pass down to the younger generations. Convey some of that education during a camping trip. Pitching a tent together, starting a campfire and cooking outdoors are useful teaching moments and accomplishments that everyone will feel good about. Take the time to introduce the kids to a lifelong love for assembling s’mores. Create new family traditions to look forward to during your next trip.


Camping, by nature, is a physical activity. Setting up tents, prepping food and building a fire takes energy. Pick a physical activity the whole family would enjoy like horseback riding or river kayaking to experience together. Feel refreshed and healthy when you breathe in clean Hill Country air, swim in the river or feel a sense of awe waking to a large axis buck outside your tent.


Reflect on the memories created during your family camping trip when you go back to your daily routine. It’s never too early to start planning your next camping adventure at Cordillera Ranch or your favorite campground.

For questions about this new service launching this fall, contact Shane Reynolds at 210.616.6051 or

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