Boerne River Trail

Outdoor recreation in Boerne has gotten easier to enjoy with the completion of footpath construction along side of Cibolo Creek. With fires burning, Boerne celebrated the opening of the newest edition of walking trails during the Boernefest TrailBlaze 2012 on May 5. With local vendors, musical entertainment and fire jugglers lined the trail and kept families busy throughout the festivities. The recently finished trail, The Heart of Boerne Trail, runs from Ye Kendall Inn and ends right before the Main Street Bridge.

When asked, Mayor Mike Schultz thought Boernefest Trailblaze was a success and was a great way to introduce the new trail to the community.“ It was an amazing demonstration of how our community comes together to celebrate all that Boerne has to offer,” Schultz said. “Sharing Boerne’s unique style of fun with thousands of friends, neighbors, and visitors.”

To bring the community together and highlight the many givings of downtown, The Hill Country Mile (HCM) has been created. HCM is the catalyst to unify our community and partner with businesses, groups and organizations. The HCM will play a significant role in preserving the rich historic and cultural identity of downtown Boerne, promoting the quality of life through a safer, cleaner, more walk-able place to live, work and play, and fostering economic growth and business diversity. According to Schultz, the vision for the HCM is to have it continue to evolve.

“Of course downtown Boerne has been evolving for the last 150 years and it will continue to do so for the next 150 years,” he said. “We are certain that the new walking trails, not only on Cibolo Creek, but throughout all of Boerne will only add to the list of reasons people want to explore Boerne. We have seen a great deal of private investment in the historic Main Street area in the last two years and expect that trend to continue with even more new shopping and entertainment spots planned along the creek.”

Continuing construction past The Heart of Boerne Trail for The River Road Run and The Fern Bank Falls is set to wrap up soon. Not only are the river trails a great new way for residents to enjoy the downtown area, but also a great place for visitors to experience Boerne.

For the future of Boerne, Schultz said, “I challenge our residents and business leaders to get involved in the many activities in our community by participating, volunteering, and sharing ideas. Boerne has so much going for it, and those of us that live, work, and play here have the chance to celebrate every day by taking an active role in making Boerne the most special place in the Hill Country.”

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