Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Pool Parties, Oh My!!!!

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School will be out and the lazy days of summer are upon us. Start early with your party planning. Summer is a great time to host those baseball and soccer parties for the kids and parents. Birthday and anniversary parties are a great way to get friends and family together to celebrate those once in a lifetime moments. Your event could range from a casual, outdoor BBQ to a decade-themed extravaganza. No matter what the theme or size, give your guests a party they will talk about from years to come.

To get started on your planning, ask yourself, “What exactly is this party?” Determine what your goal of the part is. Do you want to make a loved one special or is this a chance to kick back, catch up and relax? Answering this question will direct all of your other party planning decisions.

All events/parties have many aspects in common when you start planning. Some take the approach of setting a budget; however, you may want to plan a party that you really want first and see what the cost will be, then do some number crunching to make it work. As a rule, the host should not be tied to a station like serving drinks or cooking the burgers, so it may be good to hire some service providers.

Many of my clients add entertainment to their party or hire an acoustical guitarist. Adding live entertainment is more interesting and keeps the energy of the party going. In addition, adding a few pops of color, in linen or floral help tie the theme together. Lastly, when kids are involved you should plan to have kid-friendly food and activities to keep them entertained.

Think of Cordillera when you want to plan your next event. If you have a party in mind for this summer, whether it’s at your home, poolside, or in the Clubhouse, Cordillera Ranch can help you with all of the arrangements. We will help make your event as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

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